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Do you have a YouTube Channel for your VA Business? If you do then share it below as I'd love to see it.


I have a channel, http://youtube.com/ProactiveVA I've had it for awhile but haven't done anything with it. I have quite a few ideas but just haven't found the time to work with my YouTube account.


Did I mention, my latest video is already out of date. Facebook is ever changing, note to self, do not make a video regarding Facebook again. haha.



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Yep and here is mine: http://www.youtube.com/vanetworking


Never thought of a video going out of date. Good to note for future videos I ever make to try my best not to date them in anyway.


Hey Danielle, speaking of videos where is my lighting system you borrowed, is it at your Dads? Next time you are home I'm going to get that back from you if you aren't using it as I want to start doing more video this year. No hurry.

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Its still new, but here is my channel. **hangs head in shame since I specialize in online video production. HA! I guess its like the baker with no bread and the cobbler with no shoes...or something?? :huh:

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