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Introducing Myself & My New Business!

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Your Name: Kirsten Weinzierl
Your Website URL (if applicable): www.geekgirlva.com
Years in Business: New to the VA world, 12 years experience in executive administration (especially in the legal field)
Description of your Business, including any specialties: Well, I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades. I specialize in document formatting (i.e. complex and simple formatting, reformatting, tables, toc's, toa's, forms, document repair, document conversion. working on legal documents), excel expert (tables, formulas, charts, graphs, pivot tables, pivot charts, macros, etc.), Presentation creation via Powerpoint, transcription, travel planning, event planning, calendar/meeting organization, distribution list maintenance, research. I have more, but it's easier to just check my talents out on my site (which is still a work in progress)

On a more personal note:
What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Dilworth, MN USA
Are you married? How long?: Just married April 2014
Any kids and how old? 5 kids (2 mine, 3 my husband's) Brittany 21, Kelsey 16, Zac 15 <---These 3 are my husbands kids

Brevon 12, Brody 6 <---These are my kiddos.

Hobbies & Interests: I love to vacation, spend time with family and friends, avid poker player, singer, dancer, Beachbody coach/healthy lifestyle motivator.


I am super excited to get my biz up and running and looking forward to all the fabulous resources vanetworking has to offer!


If anyone would like to critique my site - please fee free. Note that I am still working on my pricing structure/offerings, so that area will be updated soon.


Thanks Tawnya for creating such a wonderful place and I look forward to making new friends here! :)

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Hi Kirsten and welcome to our forum :) Congrats as well on your marriage in 2014!

Glad you found us and I hope to get to know you more through your participation and involvement here.

Great to see you've got your website up and running and pat you on the back for getting that far. I'd first start on working on your copy/content of your website and talk about the WIIFM benefits (what's in it for me > the client if they did hire you). Your copy on your first page is all about you which I'd move to other pages and focus on selling your services instead of talking about you. Good examples of this are some of our member pages like MarkofApproval or Danielle.

As for more in-depth website critiques I offer these monthly during my group coaching sessions at my VAinsiders Club which may interest you down the road too.

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Hey Kirsten!


If you'd like a review, I'm happy to give you one. Tawnya is spot on - as usual ;) - content comes first. I see you have a good overview of what you do. But once you get the pieces together, I can look at the design elements. This is very strategic approach and depends on your target clients, their core values and their reactions to your marketing efforts. If you want to wait until you have some more, just call out when you are ready.


Here's some content pieces for consideration of service based business:


  • Benefits from using your services (how it will help them or ease their pain)
  • Who your target marketers are and what you can offer (I'm pruning mine)
  • Credibility things like Testimonials (something motivating this from a busy client is as tough as plucking a treasure map out of a corpse's tightened grasp)
  • Branding components like a tagline, what makes you unique and helps to qualify clients
  • Associations - partners, affiliations, memberships, clubs to show authority
  • Skill, education, test results (only if favourable :) ) showing potential and commitment to learning
  • Clients worked for which helps showcase your experience
  • Portfolio (with clients' permission) displaying competence
  • Overcoming objections with statements like investing in a VA has a high return in time saved
  • ...etc

The order of these things are important (this list is a random brain dump btw). Get inside your clients' heads. It's like telling a story. And as Tawnya said, make it client centric. Anticipate what they will ask next. But before doing that, just write. Organise content later, Then design.


Look at Danielle's site. She is a social media specialist. I can see from her branding she is big on communication and keeping things brief and simple yet concise.


She starts with the pain points. Then she offers herself as the solution. Because of her branding (as I perceive it) she uses minimalist design and minimises chatter. After all, this maps to her core business which is social media. Short efficient bursts of communication.


My branding (or attempt) is to be seen as serious and professional. It's my way of qualifying those who are serious about their business and want a good website not just a fly by. When you get to know me personally you know I'm jovial. It's just my firewall :) SHe has powerful associations with Tawnya and a portfolio full of proof of her competence.


I am also working on redoing my copy actually to be more inline with my revelations as well as update my design. For me, my aesthetics is very high priority because web is my core business. You may have a higher priority on grammar and formalities being administrative.


I see your clients as professional providers of services in the field who don't have the time for tedious tasks like crunching numbers or wafting through mountains of paper work. This time could be better spent consulting their own clientbase. You probably wouldn't want to target accountants in this case but Business Coaches are great prospects. LinkedIn could be a great ally.


Good luck and call out if you have any questions ;)

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Hi Kirsten, welcome to VAnetworking! :D


I was just taking a look at your website, and I would highly suggest changing the text from grey to another colour. Or changing your background colour cause it is hard to read.

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Thank you everyone for your input and reviews! I will be working on the suggestions Tawnya made about focusing on selling my services. I also changed the font color to be white, which makes it easier to read. Mark I would love your review and I will let you know once I'm done with my first draft so you can go look and critique! You are all so awesome, I'm so glad I found this place.


Tawnya, I'm looking at getting your VAC, when I get my tax return. I'm not sure if I should get the regular version or the lite version. I was leaning toward the lite version since I already have my own website. Do either of the versions include access to the VA Insider club as well?


Thank you,



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