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Advice Would Be Greatly Appreciated

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Hello Everyone!


My name is Alia Martin. Last year in May I received my Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Human Services and Psychology. I was going to further my education and get my master's degree in counseling until during my internship I realized I would MUCH rather handle the paperwork, insurance credentialing, billing, and denied claims. Therefore, in September of last year I began my virtual assistant business Virtual Ally. I only have three clients and I am THRILLED to have them, but the time has come where I need more clients. I have no clue how to advertise this to counselors and/or doctors because I have found a lot of them already have their own secretaries. I tried going door to door with my brochure, card, and portfolio, but that didn't seem to work considering I had to give it to their secretaries!


I am also married, but separated at the moment with a 3 and almost 5 year old (both girls). The father and I have been separated for almost 2 years, but we are trying to work things out at the moment...TRYING I must emphasize...LOL!


So...My MAIN question and what I TRULY need advice on, is HOW DO I GET MORE CLIENTS? Any marketing ideas that I have not tried?? PLEASE HELP!! I am a single mother in distress over this at the moment!


I live in Martinsville, VA

My website is VirtualAlly4u.com


Hope to hear back!


Kind Regards,

Alia Martin

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Hi Alia and welcome!


As for how to market your business there are many ways to do that virtually like optimizing your website for higher search engine traffic, networking on social networks, email campaigns (building a list), etc. I would go through the forums here to get some ideas or if you have specific questions on any just ask. In our VAinsider Club we have 100's of webinars on how to get clients in our seminar training archives plus we offer group coaching to sort through any challenges like this.


One suggestion when you visit local businesses and are greeted by the secretary is to befriend them and state clearly to them that you aren't taking away their job but instead could be a valuable asset to them to take over some of their extra workload. Many secretaries inhouse have way too much to do and might like to hand off some of the overwhelming paperwork too ;) When I marketed locally I found it was easier to befriend the secretary and let them know you are not a threat to their job. I even went as far as to wrapping up small chocolates/gifts for the secretary to enjoy after I left the office. ;)


Hope that helps a bit...any questions just ask!


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Hi Alia,


Welcome to the forumn.


You know, you must be doing something right, as you have gotten 3 clients to start with. I understand that 70% of future business comes from your current clients referring others.


Sorry, if this seems like a bit of a easy questions, but did you perhaps ask your current clients if they know of others that are looking for a VA?


What did you do to obtain your first 3 clients to begin with?


Warm regards,


Karen D.

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