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Tamara Williams

How do I build KLT (Know, Like & Trust) with my Niche Market when

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Hi Fellow VAs:

I am hoping for some clarification about how to build KLT (Know, Like & Trust) to get my target audience, coaches, speakers and authors, to buy my services.

I hear the suggestion often that I should join groups they belong to and give free tips and over time they will get to KLT.

However, if I am not a coach and not training to become a coach then how would I be able to join their groups? Aren't those groups specifically for coaches?

If I join the group and they are discussing coaching topics then how would I be able to suggest free tips about the services I offer? Should I just start sharing information off-topic?

What would the group owner think if I only join to share free tips to promote my services? I might be clashing with the main purpose of the group.

I don't have any background experience in marketing so I am a bit confused about how to go about doing this! I am thinking it might be best to form my own group and then invite them to join it.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

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It may not necessarily be a group for coaches that you find coaches hanging out at. Coaches often join online business groups to learn marketing, how to promote their products, etc. You may find those groups are more acceptable to non coaches joining them.

You don't necessarily talk about your services in these groups. Instead you solve problems. ie) someone has a MS Word problem and you tell them how to fix it.

In your signature will be a link to your website so make sure it has a call to action ie) Contact Tamara for all your administrative tasks or Outsource business tasks to Tamara

You could start a group yourself around the theme of Coaches: Ask a VA your question (or something like that). A place coaches can go to to get their administrative problems solved. Saying that you'll still have to market that group which is a lot of work too. Might be better to find established groups already with coaches in it and start engaging and sharing your knowledge with them.

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Hi Tawyna:


Thanks for your reply. I understand more clearly now so that means I could search for entrepreneur/business groups or marketing groups to join. I already joined a few on LinkedIn and Facebook from last year but sometimes they move so fast it's hard to keep up.


I know Linked, Facebook and Google+ groups do not have a signature area. So do you mean online forums like this one? Do you know of any of them that I could join?




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Hi Tamara,

This is an interesting question. I am also targeting coaches. What I did was get more specific. Coaches is very general. I am primarily targeting coaches in some form of internet marketing niche. I do this because we can collaborate, learn from each other and I can help implement such strategies that we agree will help them.

As Tawnya said, look in the places a coach would hang out not necessarily in a place for coaches. Coaches will probably go to some place where a) they can solve a problem, B) they can learn information regarding their craft. Coaches, authors and speakers each have a craft whether it is linked in advertising or relationships and dating.

Go to places like facebook and look for groups on social media (for internet marketing specialists) or maybe building workplace relationships / Conflict Management if you are targeting executive coach. You may need to refine the verbage using Google. You can also find groups on google plus and even forums. Maybe there's a personal blog that receives a lot of traffic you can become known as a commenter on.

Listen to the conversations past and present. Start engaging. If they have a problem to solve, help them solve it. Somebody else might pitch in as well, but you can give your angle on it.

But the important thing is you first refine the type of coach so you can better target. One piece of advice Tawnya gave in a vainsider talk was that she found success when she finally focused on a niche market. THe same concept applies here in that having something to "grab onto" takes the abstract and makes it more concrete and visible.

Step 1: This is what I'd get you to do as action steps. I'll stick with coaches in this example. Identify 3 types of coaches ie relationship coaches, social media coaches, executive coaches etc... Just choose 3 so you can target, nothing is set in stone. Put their "hat" on. Think the type of topic they would target. A linked in coach might join a group about social media. Coaches solve problems and such groups ask and answer problems. Believe me, there are a lot of coaches nowdays; it is not hard to find one.

Step 2: I would logically suggest searching for a group on linkedin but as Danielle said in this post http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/topic/25687-linkedin-groups/most of the groups seem to be full of self promotion and spam. Nonetheless, look through groups in facebook, linkedin or google plus until you find some you are comfortable with. Maybe you can narrow it down to 1 of the best from these 3 areas you are searching.

Step 3: Start engaging. Be sure to comment and interact. It may take some time to get known but the payoff will be that you will also learn more about the questions people are asking. A while ago I made a post you might find useful on effectively using social media http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/topic/25564-content-on-social-media-facebook-twitter-linkedin/this was part of some research I did of analysing posts.

Step 4: Let us know how you go ;)

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Hi Mark:


Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your advice is really great and I like the step by step breakdown.


  1. I am interested in personal development, social media and internet marketing so I could focus on those coaches. I am not yet ready to work with executive coaches because they are way above my current level of expertise.
  2. I am in groups on Linked, Facebook and Google+ and agree with Danielle that sometimes they get self-promoting and spammy but very often they offer great tips.
  3. Usually I read the posts and like or follow the persons but didn't really get involved that much. It just means I need to interact more.
  4. I will keep everyone posted but realistically it will take some months before I get any real progress.


I will have a look at the links to other forum posts you shared too.


Thanks for your help. Thank you too Tawyna!




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