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List Building & Setting up a Newsletter

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I have a free download on my website and people have to sign up to get it. My download relates to email marketing cause that is my main target audience.


I also recently created a 30 day challenge to build my list. It is basically an entire course that I am giving away for free to build my list. http://proactiveva.com/30-days-to-a-bigger-better-email-list/


I occasionally promote my free downloads on social media.

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The best way to build your list is to use some email campaign software like aWeber, GetResponse or Mailchimp, etc. These offer you a way to build your list using forms on your website to signup and autoresponders to keep in touch.


You really need to entice people with something they really want to sign up to your newsletter. Just saying "Signup to my newsletter" isn't going to make it nowadays because people already get too much email. Danielle has suggested awesome ways to get people to signup by offering something to them for free that is valuable to them. You just have to find something you know your market would signup to download.


You can then promote this free offer in your email signature or through your social networks to help build your list.

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Great suggestions from everyone here! I agree with using a good program to capture email addresses to grow that list.

Here are a few other ideas:

1) Ask people to join your list in your email signature. Provide the link.

2) At the end of your blog posts in the author section, provide the link to your sign up list there too.

3) Give people a reason to sign up for your list. Offer a free tips page or a download. Offer a video lesson. Make it worth their time
to sign up and ask yourself "what's in it for me?"

4) Once you get their names and email addresses, thank them for signing up. And stay in touch with them throughout the month
or else they will push the 'unsubscribe' button.

5) Make sure the sign up box is visible 'above the fold' on your website. People won't hunt for it so make it easy for them to sign up.

6) Post now and again on social media that you have a newsletter or a tips page that you are giving away and ask people to sign up for your list. Let them know the list won't be rented or sold and that they won't be inundated with emails from you.

7) Post your sign up link in your social media profile and tell people what they will receive when they sign up.

8) Make sure the sign up has a 'forward to a friend' link in the email so people can share your emails with others. Suggest that they DO share with others because most people won't unless you remind them. And then if they forward to a friend make sure the friend has a link in the email to sign up for your list. Make everything easy to find.

Good luck!


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Here's a few tasks to creating your newsletter I copied from one of my other posts to but think Janine covered anything I would have said with regards to marketing it :)


1. Set up a newsletter
- Research email marketing programs like Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Get Response, etc.
- Order email marketing program (I use Aweber because though my research I found it was the better program above the rest)
- Decide on a name/description for your newsletter list and set it up
- Think up something you can giveaway for free (Check out PLR if you don't like to write content) if a person signs up like a tip sheet, guide or ebook to entice your peeps to sign up. Everyone loves freebies and will give away their email for it ;)
- Develop this giveaway (you'll have steps to that too)
- Develop your autoresponders that your peeps will receive once they sign up
- Put a form on your website, with graphic image and call to action to collect emails.
- Add this call to action to your email signature too ie) P.S. Download my new ebook for free by clicking here
- Start marketing your newsletter signup on your social networks, in your blog posts, on your business cards, etc.
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Everyone's suggestions here are fantastic. I would like to add to the list, the following:


Tip 1

Create multiple opt-ins on your website.

1. A pop up (great conversions),

2. on your sidebar (if you have one),

3. below your blog post,

4. at the bottom of some of your website pages,

5. below your header on your homepage( a thin bar below the header image)


Also consider having more than one opt-in. For example if you offer website design and social media services and you have a page with details about the service you can have a pop up that has a opt-in that is related to the service. For example on your Social Media Page you can have an opt-in freebie "7 Reasons your Social Media is hurting your business". On your website page you can have another opt-in gift "5 easy steps to increase conversions on your website". Make sure you create separate lists with your email service provider for each opt-in.


Tip 2

Consider online summits directed to your niche market to gain online exposure and to grow your list. So if real estate agents are your niche market have a business building summit for real estate agents. Here is an article i wrote about summits. Hope it helps clarify what it is. http://www.vbsondemand.com/2016/02/supercharge-your-list-building-with-this-simple-solution/



Best of luck and happy list building. :)

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