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Tawnya Sutherland

WP3 Total Cache

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My server went down and my host said to do these two things thoughts? My server hosts a ton of wordpress sites which seem to be brutally attacked from time to time.


If you're concerned about more attacks then you should look into getting CloudFlare.
It has a free version that can provide you additional protection.
Have you enabled caching on all of those sites?
Something like W3TC?

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I think this is crap. Caching won't do anything to prevent hackers but it just might ease the load on the hosting server. As to Cloudflare you only get hacker protection at the $200/month price tag.


I don't know who your hosting company is but I would do a web search and see if they are inordantly prone to attacks. Some companies are less skilled at protecting their servers than others. Moving is a real pain but if your host is not being careful it is worth it. Especially if you are on a shared server. I have seen some cases where everything on a shared hosting server can got compromised. In other words your sites could be vulnerable due to another customers laxness.


Frankly, the most important thing you can do is take basic steps to secure your site (don't use admin as a username, make sure your login name and display name are different, lock out logins after so many log attempts, use strong passwords) and keep everything up to date.


This is not a sales pitch but if you want more depth, code level security measures, I offer a WP hardening package that incudes the code level hardening, constant monitoring to keep everything up to date, review of all themes and plugins to identify any security issues and a monthly full back up (http://wpsitedefender.com/).


I get several requests to clean up and fix hacked sites every month (probably 3-4 sites a month). I have gotten very good and seeing how they get in and in keeping them out.

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Great read Jodie and thanks for sharing! I felt a bit belittled in chat with my host as I didn't have a clue what they were talking about. I pay big bucks for my host too and its one of the top hosts out there so will go back to them and see what they can do for me. I actually left Hostgator last year and moved to Servint.

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That was great advice, Jodie.


But I do recommend the caching plugin because there is a lot of heavy legitimate traffic to Tawnya's sites (I'd imagine). After all, they are very popular in the VA Community.


But Jodie is right in that it is not a security fix. I had a client once and the majority of her traffic was actually coming from a brute force attack attempt to get into her site. They didn't succeed but the load did exceed the resource limits for each day.


If the traffic is eviI think Sucurri has some services that help prevent certain IPS from reaching your site.

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