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Hi, all. Wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for this:


I think I'm ready to start outsourcing a little bit of work, but I feel weird about giving out private information. I do basically online marketing stuff for my clients, and most of my clients happen to be therapists/psychologists. So, the problem is two-fold: 1. Sometimes HIPAA stuff can come into play, like if I'm going into their YouTube account (which is connected to their Gmail account) to optimize a video for them, sometimes I can inadvertently see emails or their clients' info. And, my clients know their info is safe with me (and I have signed necessary protective docs with them), but to hand that responsibility over to a 3rd party makes me uncomfortable. 2. I also obviously use a lot of my clients' logins and passwords to various things--social media, back ends of websites, email, etc. So, that's always risky too.


So, for example, I have a couple of friends that are starting out doing similar work and I would trust them with sensitive information, but putting myself in my clients' shoes, I would not be too happy as a client about my information being handed out to someone I didn't know. So, what documents do I need to use to protect them and myself? Is there a generic HIPAA agreement out there that I should have subcontractors sign? And, I'm currently in the process of setting up a LastPass account for myself....is sharing a folder through LastPass sufficient protection? Or do I need a separate form for subtractors to sign regarding passwords and such?


I've been trying to just suffer through "doing it all" this whole time because I didn't have a sufficient answer to these questions. So, thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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I would have some form of confidentiality agreement with anyone that you outsource work to. Have a lawyer look it over if you are unsure just to be safe.

As for Gmail, I believe if the client gets a business account it is more secure and allows you to have different users on an account and just give access to certain areas.

Saying that I know I have different users for my Google Webmaster tools and you can probably do that for you tube. Add managers to it and sounds like you can if you read this

As for last pass, if you buy an premium version of it I believe you can set up users and give them access only to what you want them to have too.

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I would also suggest looking into a virtual desktop to keep some of these documents you share with subcontractors. I do like Google however as my dad always said if it's free it's for a reason. Google owns the information just as much as you do.

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I agree to Lily Chambers, when it comes to outsourcing you really need to share some private information or you need to disclose classified information in order to grant an access to the company that you outsourced. Maybe in doing a contract, state a non-compete agreement so that when you outsource you will be secured and the outsourcing company will shoulder if something happens with the project or the account.


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