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The WordPress Blogging Contest - With Prize

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Hey everyone, how's it going.


I am posting the first contest I promised last year. Life got in the way but I've come up with a little challenge and I hope you'll participate.


This challenge is a blogging one that revolves around creating content specifically for your target market. It is more on blogging with WordPress than the technical side. Although there will be some SEO challenges.


Stay till the end of the post and I'll give you a sneak peek at April 2016 Challenge ;)


This (February) challenge is great if:

  • You are procrastinating about writing content for your blog
  • Simply want a catalyst to write more blog posts
  • You want Feedback from others
  • Want to engage the community for maximum exposure


If you want to join, reply to this thread and say "I'm in!".


Here's the guidelines


Each activity is worth a certain amount of points up to a maximum. The person who gets a least 3000 points and is in the lead, wins the prize.


The prize will be my content blogging kit that will be the next logical step to writing stellar content and continuing your blogging journey after "graduation". I'll explain more under Prizes Section.


I need 3 - 5 people minimum to make this viable.


Pending interest, I will register each participant a page on my site to track the points through comments. Or we can create a new thread for each participant here?


Here are the challenges


  1. Reply below about your business, target market and the frustrations you help them solve. [500 points]
  2. Create a video and post it to youtube providing value to the market [1000 points]
  3. Comment on another's video and like it on youtube [250pts to a max of 1000 pts]
  4. Write a 400 word blog post [500 points per blog post]
  5. Write a 1000 word blog post [1000 points per blog post]
  6. Comment on another contestant's blog post [50 points per comment]
  7. Share another's blog post via social media [100 points per share max 1000]
  8. Optimise a blog post using an SEO Plugin [500 points max 1500]



I will track your points and progress in a spreadsheet using your username to identify you. But I'll keep you posted of the leaderboard.




The winner will get my Content Approval Kit which will help you craft blogs and come up with plentiful ideas. I am selling it for $97 but will buy the winner a copy ;)


You can see the sales page here although I am not actively selling it:



I have 2 unadvertised Bonuses. One is a video of me using the Kit live to create content on a day where I had severe writer's block. The other is a top secret spreadsheet that so far only myself and my fellow freelancer, Irene know about.


Challenge Details


Starts 14 February 2016

Finishes 31 March 2016


April's Challenge


If this is well received, I will do a contest on lead generation. It will include more technical aspects of setting up a lead generation system in WordPress. The prize will be my unpublished videos on how to create landing pages. Stay tuned!

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Mark, I will join in! I need a challenge :)


My target market is 1. Secretaries looking to get out of the corporate rat race and become independent business owners selling their VA services. Their frustrations surround how to get started and move their skillset to a virtual environment.


2. Virtual Assistant business owners who require ongoing mentorship and resources to help their business succeed. Their frustrations tend to be lack of resources and training (marketing) to further advance their business and get clients and/or make money with their business.

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Hey Tawnya,


Thanks for posting in the forum with your target niche. That is 500 points for you so far lol. I'll be posting mine soon.


The challenges can be taken in any order and I guess we can share the links to the blog post we publish? It's your forum though, but could reply on this thread. I will publish some tips on how to blog better and use WP to set things up; though you as a veteran of these things won't need it. It may help some beginners though.

I wish more people had chose to join the contest. I was hoping it would not only add some fun but also give us a chance to peer critique each others blogs and share them...hmmm...


Thanks for joining Tawnya. I know not everybody has the time, but I think you'd agree blogging is important for building up our business and presence/authority.

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I'm in but .....started my excuses already.

Glad you posted this challenge.


My target market is people (men and women) who want to publish a book on amazon and need help formatting their book for kindle and epub for other venues.


Target market 2..authors/writers who want a web presence to market their books with a wordpress author website.


So are we suppose to blog on our blogs about this challenge?

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Great to have you both aboard Susanna and Tawnya.


I will do up a spreadsheet with the scorecards later today. I am back doing some study and I've neglected to check this post.


You both have great target markets which puts me to shame. I think it's great you have led by example and shown others what a target market may look like.


I was considering targeting freelancers who know a little bit about WP, want to get better, but may not have the skills to provide their client with a complete site. But prior to that, I would lead them up an ascension by offering them training on how to manage WordPress and client sites.Then finally, they could have a private label site (or partner with me) for their clients. Then those skills learned could be used to maintain it.


I would also not neglect to work with small businesses although that's a tougher sell I guess when you are going from to a $1000+ offer. So I guess I have two markets there.


The reason for splitting it is because i am passionate about teaching and helping others, whereas local businesses often just want it done. But by going through the freelancer or Virtual Assistant, I can target businesses and entrepreneurs anyway because freelancers have access to them.


Regarding both your questions, just start blogging on your niche (not the challenge); reply with maybe a digest of what you've achieved and I'll award points to it as relevant from the points chart. Continue this process if you are happy to do so. The purpose is to encourage you to expand your reach and get out of your comfort zone by posting on your niche.


For Tawnya, she would continue her blog posts as normal. For Susanna, you would blog on topics relevant to aspiring authors.


Hopefully we can encourage more bloggers and I'll give some tips tomorrow on how to get started blogging for those who are nervous about it!

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Mark, you target markets are awesome too, think you are on the right track :) Yes people can post links to their blog posts here, no probs.

Ok, here's my updates...With regards to #4 at VAnetworking's blog I've wrote 4 so far...

Feb. 29th How to Avoid Computer Crashes That Cost Virtual Assistants Money

Feb 23rd - Massive Content Creation Made Simple: Genius Ways to Use and Profit from PLR

Feb 11th - TAKE 6 – Sing Out Loud to Your Audience to Be Heard!

Feb 12th - 8 Reasons Virtual Assistants Should Hire a Business Coach

At VAC blog I've wrote one:

Feb 17th - When Should a Virtual Assistant Outsource?

That's 5 in total ;) Not sure how many words each are, never counted.

#7 - I've shared a bunch of blog posts via my FB page & Twitter, and usually do that regularly. I'd honestly have to backtrack to add them up. Unless I have some competition here in this challenge I'm not going to take the time to do that right now LOL!

#8 - All our blog posts are optimized.

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is the challenge still going?

Jenny with Behind the Scene Execs

Our target market is service industry guys that are solo or have maybe 2 field workers example pool guys. carpet cleaners that sort of thing.

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Great work guys! And thanks for your confidence in my target market. It is one thing I've struggled with but I guess I can adjust it.


I'm really excited to see great posts from both Susanne and Tawnya. I feel Susanne and I have a lot in common in that we both do WordPress and Writing :D


Although Tawnya is in the lead, she is donating the prize to second runner up so far, Susanne that looks like you lol.


Let me do a proper tally of the scores in Google Docs and share it here.


Now here's a question which is food for thought...


When you feel flat and uninspired, what remedy works best for you to get back on track?



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Drugs, booze and rock n roll (just kidding HA! Had to say that)....


I find talking with a friend or fellow business colleague (accountability partner) tends to get me back on track. Other things I do when I'm down is exercise more which is hard because that is the last thing I want to do really so I have to force myself to get out and do it. Also treating myself to something special like a shopping spree, massage, pedicure or whatever to make me feel good lifts me up. For me though the best thing is talking it out and if I don't have someone to talk to I'll phone up my psychologist and/or my business coach and make an appointment with her.

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Hi Tawnya, that question was meant for the challenge hehe. But maybe writing blind drunk would help although I wouldn't recommend it for social media posts LOL.


I am fine :) Sorry if I scared anybody.


I appreciate all of you who jumped in to do the challenge. Perhaps next time I should give more tips and directions on how to get started and less empathsis on points - I can do that internally.


I'm going to call it now since I doubt anybody else will join. Although Tawnya is the official winner, Susanne is the runner up. Tawnya generously donated the prize to second up so Susanna, I will PM you here and get some details to send you the prize.


I think you'll really find these 3 massive, modular writing resources powerful for crafting additional blogs and for your powerful writing career in general.


Congratulations Susanne!

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