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Tawnya Sutherland

The Secret is Out...I'm in LOVE With ____________

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Can I tell you a secret?


I think I'm in love with my Dentist! Today I went to my dreamy dentist for some cosmetic upgrades on my teeth. As I have gotten older, the enamel on my upper front teeth is starting to wear down which is causing my teeth to get little chips in them and I don't like that LOL! I didn't have to get this fixed (cost over $300) but I considered it regular teeth maintenance if I wanted to have my pretty smile for a long time forward. Same reason I take my car in for a regular tune up, it's so my car will run smoothly and last me for many years ahead.


PLUS any chance to sit in that chair and look deeply into my sexy Dentist's eyes while he's putting needles into my mouth, well.....AHHHHHH! Open wide? Yes SIR! BTW, I can't wait to go back and get my teeth cleaned next week ;)


Regular maintenance and checkups aren't just for your teeth and car either. We should be doing these in our business too. Personally, every month I visit with my business coach to keep me motivated and focused on my business goals. I firmly believe that without my coach by my side my business each month I would never have achieved everything I have so far in my business. My coach helps keep my business on track based on my stated goals and I love how she motivates me and cracks me into high gear!


It doesn’t matter where you are in your business’s development – a business coach can be useful for many reasons. You can read more on this topic at my newest blog post - 8 Reasons Virtual Assistants Should Hire a Business Coach


PLUS, while you are there, check out my 50% OFF discount on my Private 1-on-1 MotiVAtor Coaching Sessions or get an awesome $60 discount on my monthly group coaching too. These offers expire at the end of the month so don't miss out! I only have 4 Private 1-on-1 coaching time slots left too.




On another note, we've got Patrick Tuthill from Aweber (Grab a FR-EE Trial) coming to speak with us soon and I encourage you to register for his webinar sooner rather than later as I believe seating is limited for his session with us.


Here's info on this training webinar:




Date: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


TIME: 1PM PST (Vancouver, BC, Canada – UTC/GMT -8 hours)


TOPIC: Using Email Marketing as a Virtual Assistant or Consultant[/size]


During this special webinar…

We will dive into the core ways in which VA’s and marketing consultants use Email to drive the needle for their client base, and where AWeber can provide value as an added tool to your arsenal.

We encourage an open and informal format, so we welcome questions during the discussion.


Speaker BIO: Patrick Tuthill has been in the digital space for the last 8 plus years, mostly working wth startups and Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their digital footprint as a Blogger or web publisher. He now works with cross functional teams as a growth specialist for AWeber, and industry leader in the Email marketing space. He enjoys connecting with Entrepreneurs of all kinds and helping them as an asset to their growth strategy.




To Your Virtual $uccess,


Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

Founder of VAnetworking.com

*The Market Leader For Virtual Assistants Worldwide*

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haha for a second I thought Patrick was your dentist.


I'm looking forward to that list building webinar and I totally agree that we all need a coach. Sometimes the accountability and feeling that somebody is there in your corner really helps. But Tawnya, you really know your stuff as well, so it will be a powerful combination of actionable steps and accountability!

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