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Tawnya Sutherland

Your Virtual Assistant Newsletter to Keep Your Uptodate at #VAforum

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I know I haven't contacted you for well over a week to share with you some resources in the Virtual Assistant industry but I've been super busy getting ready for our #VAVS online conference coming to you May 25-27th. I'll announce more about it in April once the website is up to date. I'm looking for a couple more speakers to participate so let me know if you know someone you'd love to hear speak with us. Theme for our 13th Season is "How to Find and Retain Clients". It's going to be awesome! ;)

As well I will be hosting a Virtual Assistant LIVE Get-Together at the Beach Party on Saturday, April 16th from 1pm to 5pm at my place in Whiterock, British Columbia, Canada. I'm only 1 mile from the USA border so if you live in Washington State it's super easy to get to but you will need a passport for the day ;) If you are interested in attending this please let us know and we'll put you on the list for directions. You can Officially RSVP here and read about all our planning details in our #VAforum.

Speaking of the #VAforum here's a few HOT TOPICS this week to share with you...

1. How to Find and Retain Clients

2. 4 Tips on Branding Yourself Using WordPress

3. Signs You Should Fire Your Client

SPECIAL THANKS to our fabulous Moderators below who help us manage our #VAforum plus bring to you their expert advice:

NOTE: If you'd like to share your niche/specialty knowledge as a Volunteer Moderator at our #VAforum you can learn more here.

Oh, for our FB lovers, I just posted in our FB Group this post and thought I'd share to see your responses...

Anyone else tired of Facebook notifications every second of the day because someone has posted or liked a post in a group I'm a part of? I SURE AM! lol! I've decided today to close FB throughout the day as ever since FB groups came into existence I'm distracted all the time and putting out less work on a daily basis. That means less money! Others I've talked to are tiring of this FB distraction too. Of course it has it's pros...like you can almost get an answer immediately to your question and we live in the age of instant gratification so that is important you know ;) Maybe I'm old school but if I have a question I don't mind waiting a few hours for an answer to it which is why I still wake up every morning and start the day with a VA at my ‪#‎VAforum‬. I like the fact I can go there when I want and not because I've been coerced into going there by an unread notification in my browser window LOLOL! Then again I'm not the type who likes to be told what to do and those FB notifications make me feel like I'm being told to read them! We should be finding clients and learning how to retain them and not wasting our business time on Facebook which is really just a bunch of jibber jabber which I don't need to hear 24/7. Your thoughts?

Here's a couple of my most recent blog posts for your reading pleasure this weekend too...

1. How to Avoid Computer Crashes That Cost Virtual Assistants Money

2. Outsourcing Strategies for the Virtual Assistant

I'd love it if you would share our blog posts on your social networks to help us help other Virtual Assistants world wide.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead and hope you get to find some time to do something special for you ;)

To Your Virtual $uccess,

Tawnya Sutherland

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