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Hello everyone,

I am a new member here after watching a YouTube video that was amazing. The video was for this site.

I am not new to being a Virtual Assistant, I have done this for over 5 years I just never knew it was an "official job" and I have always worked for Realtors, an as a Business consultant for start ups. This year I got lured into the "freelancer & odesk hype" which was a disappointment. One thing I HATE, is waiting for money I already earned. If I knew upfront that I wouldn't get paid until AFTER the projects was complete plus an additional two weeks for the FIRST payment to clear, and that I couldn't withdraw multiple payments at a time. Well ladies and gents you get the point.


One thing I am unsure of, and am excited to try... I have been a "gamer" for quite sometime and love playing online games. My absolute favorites are World of Warcraft (WoW) and Everquest, EverQuest 2, so I was thinking about all of the services if I wanted to be a VA for the gaming community and open up a new niche for VA services.

Please give input, if you would like. I have NOT seen anyone marketing to online gamers or online game developers.


Some of the services I was thinking about include:

NEVER miss a Raid again (1-2 hrs) if raiding while your at work of family function

Level grinding ( 1-3 hours)

Epic item quest lines ( Get your epic items with out the dread of long quest lines)


Guild Master management : Build a functional website for your guild including membership request and once approved

provide Ventrilo access code for guild chat)

Guild message update

guild raid time schedule

Min for this 2-4 hours per week


For Game developers / designers: About to release a new game Our VA service will test your game, look over your marketing plan, and your website and provide feedback and have the ability to correct any issues that we see in your marketing plan and website. (10 hours per month)


This is a thought and I would LOVE to see if anyone else thinks this could be a success- as far as my current virtual assistant business here is my website http://www.evirtualaid.com

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Hello evirtualaid,

Welcome! I am glad that you decided to join here. I am so clueless when it comes on to games so I don't have an opinion on that, sorry. I visited your site and again I am not an expert on websites but I will give my opinion on what I saw as a visitor, The first thing is your image, it's great but it was kind of blurry so I am not sure if you have the correct size for your header. I love your logo, it looks chic, I would maybe use the FAQ as another sub-page from one of the main pages, or if you continue to use it on your home page I would not use all the questions there, I would maybe post three and then have a link of the FAQ at the bottom of these previous questions. I know it is a great leap to have your site out there because I too will be having mine out there so I know it took a lot of hard work to do. Great job. Best wishes.

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Hi EVirtualAid,


I used to play games believe it or not. Used to love RPGs as well. In honesty, I'm not sure i would have hired anybody or paid a lot as there is no return on investment for me as a consumer/player. I would have happily bought products to do with games online though.


I like your idea of being a game tester. I'm not sure how competitive it would be but I know people do make money out of beta testing. In fact, using some of Tawnya's social media strategies found in her sessions on the VAInsiders Club, you could potentially get on the radar of these big companies.


I have a friend who makes a lot of youtube video of his gaming lifestyle and I believe he uses ads there too. He records his screen and narrates.


So my recommendation would be to offer services for game developers and products like strategy guide ebooks for gamers.


Sorry haven't fully looked at your website yet, but Juli's recommendations sound awesome.

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Hello markofapproval,

I know that for majority of players, they play games to have an outlet. It's fun and takes time away from work and stress (sometimes stress) as a gamer you will understand the sometimes reference. My target audience will be more of the lazy gamers who are starting a new game and want a boost to raiding content, or who have started a new character but hate the leveling process.


The service will not be as expensive for game progression as it will be for beta testing etc. I know most subscriptions are around $15 per month so my hourly rate will be $15 per hour or $8 per hour for packaged hourly rates for progression. You pay $30-$50 for faction race changes so that will be my target price for a few packaged hours and $50-70 for a new expansion


Hourly rate for testing and marketing for developers will be $25 per hour.

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All I can say is this has got to be the most genious way to do what you love and charge for it. Hats off to you! ;)

I could see there being major bucks in this for you but you have to find the people like lazy rich players, (hey that would be most male teenager now living off their inheritance) LOL wanting to shell out their bucks for further progression in a game. Or for some clients who have big bucks to throw at games this would be a way for them to never miss another Raid again!

It's all very interesting and quite a niche persay (one which I have very little knowledge in) but could see it being very lucrative if marketed smartly.

Like Mark says you could also do "how-to" short videos, post on Youtube, monetize the videos and let google ads give you another revenue stream. When I used to play Candy Crush I would download ebooks or watch short videos to figure out how to reach that next level.

By offering cheaper game progression for individuals you'll fill too needs 1. Yours to game more and get small fee paid for gaming ;) 2. It will establish you as an expert gamer, someone people go to to get over that next game level. This in itself could rise you up to be a much sought after game beta tester.

Anyhow, was a breath of fresh air reading about your new niche. I hope you stick around and share with us your goings on in your business. I'd love to watch your new niche grow as a Virtual Assistant and we are all here to help, inspire and cheer you on :)

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