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Hello Everyone .. My name is Margy.. I am truly working on getting a great website that is not only understandable but profitable so that I can help assist ministry, my over 80 and 90 year old parents, and those in a struggle .. My life as a single mom have not been easy but I am beginning to understand the journey. My desire is to let go of the 9-5 job this year so that I can assist more financially for my aging not well parents. I want that day to come where there is nothing for them to worry about! They are my top priority. One of the greatest lessons of life was taught when I had to walk through over 4 deaths with my family in the same year. It taught me a how to have a greater faith and strength. It gave me a stronger arm for people to lean on and powerful hand to hold .. My lessons have been many just as my testimonies but I am so thankful to still be here working it out.


I decided to use my beloved family as my motivation because they loved life fully. Especially my best friend who was my nephew!!! So I wanted to begin my a legacy. NOW is all I have!!! So I came up with divasforhire.com My website is confusing I have to much going on and in the middle of changing it.. I want to offer wedding jewelry and accessories but concierge services if a bride needs it. So what I am trying to figure out is how I can add in the virtual concierge services .. or the travel agent concierge services since I am a travel agent while focusing on the jewelry and accessories. I was thinking of adding this as a side bar .. etc I do have a separate site for the travel but still wondering how to make this all work and make sense


So please I am open for suggestions .. Tawnya you there? : )

Thanks for listening

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Hi Margy,

Great to see you back working again on your VA business. Sorry to hear all the personal setbacks you have been going through the past year but glad you are taking some baby steps forward in your business once again :)

You have a great idea to add the conceirge services in the sidebar. Maybe you could create a graphic for it that links to a page listing your services. A graphic would draw the eye towards this area to click on.

I'd also work on bringing some new content to the website by blogging and then spreading the news about your blog onto your social networks.

Pull up your newsletter signup area to a place it is more visible up top or in right column and give them a reason to sign up to it by enticing them with a download they just have to have. Checklists might be a good idea for you.

Anyhow, welcome back Margy :)

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