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I had Camtasia on my PC and really like using it to create tutorial videos and edit videos etc.


I'm looking to do some more tutorial type videos and was thinking of buying Camtasia for my Macbook Pro. I was looking on their website and it's $299 for the PC and $99 for the Mac.


What is with the big price difference? Has anyone use the Mac version? Is it good? The price difference alarms me.


I looked at their comparison chart and I don't see anything missing in the Mac version that I would want to use. There are less features but it's no big deal cause I don't even care about the extra things.


If anyone has used the Mac version let me know. Or if you have a better suggestion let me know. I need to be able to record my screen and voice at the same time. :)


I have iMovie on my Mac and that is about it right now for video editing software. Until then I'll probably grab the free trial to see what I think.


Thanks. :)

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Hi Danielle,


You are pretty much correct. There is hardly any difference between the two versions. It seems like things are always cheaper on the Mac. In addition, I have a pretty good feeling that Camtasia 9 will be coming out soon and I've heard that they will look pretty identical so there will be no learning curve if you go back and forth (and files can travel between the two also). So, I say go for it. BTW, if you are offered the Maintenance Agreement you should consider taking it so you won't have to pay for the next version when it comes out.


Take care!


Michelle Schoen


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Thanks for the input Michelle! :) I think I will go ahead and purchase Camtasia for my Mac. I will make sure to sign up with the option to get the new version when it is released as well.

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