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VAvirtuosos Attendees - Connect Here #VAVS

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#VAVS Attendees keep in touch with friends you've made at our Virtual Assistant online conference this week during our networking hours. Share your URLS, your social networks, etc. Was awesome to meet all of you this week! Even though #VAVS is almost over you can still grab a GOLD/DIAMOND ticket to get the recordings. Our speakers rocked and you will learn so much about how to FIND & RETAIN Clients in your VA business http://VAvirtuosos.com

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Danna Cruzan

The Wolf Woman Entrepreneur

Alpha One Innovations

Telephone: 760-662-8395

Email: danna@alphaoneinnovations.com

Alpha One Innovations: http://alphaoneinnovations.com

Facebook Accountability Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/612864915536722/

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Here are my Social Media channels;

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/laurenjoypatar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenJoyP

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaurenJoy57

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurenjpatar/?hl=en

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/laurenjoypatar/


will be creating a website with WP: never done before! it will be joysopportunity.com but would love feedback on the name and should I have the word VA in there?


I have almost 10 years marketing experience but branching onto my own as a VA is new to me. I know I can do this and have tremendous value to offer and passion!

Thanks everyone for any guidance and input as I meander through this maze.



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I"m getting ready to present my webinar for VAVS! Hope you'll all be attending. I have GREAT tips on how to get client begging to hire you. Here are my social media sites:


And my website: www.expertVAtraining.com
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I'm Nina Feldman of Nina Feldman Connections, Oakland, CA. I've had an office support service for over 30 years, since before the word "virtual assistant" was coined. Tawnya says I'm the first VA she ever found when she was thinking of going into this profession and that I inspired her, which is one of my favorite VA "claims to fame"!


I'm co-creator of the Industry Production Standards (IPS), the guide for how to estimate time on keyboarded projects such as transcription, distributed by Office Business Center Int’l (http://tinyurl.com/industryproductionstds. My publication How to Run a Successful Homebased Word Processing/Desktop Publishing Business sold over 2,000 copies in the 1990s.


When I started my business, clients brought work to my home office, where I provided tape transcription, word processing, and editing services. Since I was one of the few people around who owned a computer, clients came to me asking about computer repair, graphic design, accounting—and eventually Internet marketing and web design. I saw a hole that needed to be filled and developed a network of experts with varying skills and services so I could be a resource for clients in need of help.


My specialty is helping clients connect with just the right VA or consultant to fill a task or ongoing need. I'm able to provide referrals FREE to clients because the service providers pay a commission, so I'm there when you or your clients are “stumped” as to where to find any computer-related service, including:


* Phone Calling & Phone Answering
* Web Copy Writing
* Website Design & Search Engine Optimization
* Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Preparation
* Database Design & Troubleshooting
* Administrative & Office Services
* Virtual Assistance
* Sales & Marketing Support
* Internet & Social Media Marketing
* Computer Repair & Network Support
* Editing, Indexing & Document Support
* Graphic Design & E-Book Publishing
* Computer Software Training & Questions
* Video & Multimedia Production
* Audio & Video Tape Transcription
* Project & Office Management


I enjoy helping people figure out how to solve their problems, and as a result, other VAs frequently contact me to brainstorm when their clients have tasks they don’t handle.


If you have a need—even if it's not on my list—feel free to give me a shout at 510-655-4296, nina@ninafeldman.com, http://www.ninafeldman.com

Twitter NinaFeldman

Linkedin endorsements: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ninafeldman

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Hello hello. I'm Norah (nickname is Nonie) and am loving this conference - the presentations go from fantastic to awesome and i'd love to keep in touch with you all (or y'all as Felicia says):-)


My contact info is on my profile now and I'm going to join VAInsiders too and I'm looking forward to get to know you all better.

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Hi everyone! I am loving VAVS conference. Tawnya and Danielle are wonderful at putting these together!

I am learning so much! Have a great day and weekend everyone :)

PS. ALL of the speakers are AWESOME!!!! Thank you for your content and freebies :)

My LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin...orahsidloski156

Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheVerifiableVA

I don't have a website yet, but am working on one.

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Hello from Melbourne everyone!


I am disappointed that I wasn't able to listen in and interact with you all live due to the time difference.


But am really looking forward to watching the recordings and taking away more amazing stuff.


This is my second VAVS and I love it! So many quality offerings!


As a Canadian ex-pat, I really enjoy listening to speakers in the mother tongue. :)


I am a FT VA and have been for over a year.


I have not flicked the switch on my website even though it's all done, I have procrastinated because it's not perfect and because I work FT I thought I didn't need to. :( (silly I know)


My details are below and I look forward to connecting with you online.


Plus I wish everyone much success!





Website: http://www.virtualofficestars.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virtualofficestars/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vofficestars

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/virtualofficestars

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/virtualofficestars/?hl=en

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