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So I posted in our Health and Wellness Facebook Group not too long ago about how my wrists were extremely sore and that it was getting in the way of me working.


I did everything I could, bought new accessories, set up a new work space, purchased braces. But nothing seemed to relieve the pain.


One night before bed I did a search for wrist exercises, and tried this silly one. And it helped. My wrists felt a lot better instantly and didn't hurt anymore within 2 days.


I just wanted to share the video in case anyone else is experiencing wrist issues. It's not the best video and I thought nothing of it when I first did it. But it helped me.



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I was borderline carpal tunnel syndrome and my doc suggested I sleep in wrist braces. It takes a little getting used to but I haven't had any problems for over a decade, now. :)


Oh yes I was sleeping with them the entire time during all that pain. I'm actually going to start wearing them again. I can't break this habit of sleeping on top of my wrists, it's really not good for them haha. And I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I have no arms or hands.

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