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Hi, I want to know if you're a VA for a long time and want to level up on your field. Would a certification be necessary like IAAP or ASAP? I was looking into these options the other day because I have admin experience. I am not so sure if that kind of certifications would help me. I am not looking into an office position. It's like an added credentials for me. Now I am based in the US not in the Philippines.

I would be glad to accept any suggestions, concerns, and questions. Thanks 

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I think it really depends, what type of VA work do you do? I work with mental health professionals, so coding and other mental health/HIPPA certifications to get caught up on things are great, but general admin stuff I would say not necessary.

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If you are looking for an overall certification as a Virtual Assistant  well look no further than my network as I have got you covered in this area. I have been offering VA cerfitifications for years at VAcertified.com

Clients came to me wanting a list of VAs that showed credibility and trust for their business work by going though our certification process. We met their demand and hence VAcertified.com

Virtual Assistants who are VAcertified demonstrate to clients and prospective clients that:

  1. Their products and services are relevant to how business is conducted in today’s global economy.
  2. They are committed to offering a level of professionalism in all that they do, both for their clients and the virtual assistance industry at large.
  3. They are the VA they say they are. They represent themselves, their businesses, their offerings and the VA industry with integrity, honesty and respect for others.

The VAcertified Board of highly qualified business entrepreneurs assembled from around the world was brought together to ensure professionalism, fairness, equality and depth to the the certification process.  Below are the most frequently asked questions to help you through your decision making process to apply to become VAcertified.  Feel free to ask us your question if it is not answered below by contacting us.

VAcertified125logo.gifThe Board will ask you a series of questions in order to get an indepth profile of who you are based on your education, VA-related education, work experience, and professional accomplishments within the VA industry.

These are the areas we will assess via a series of questions with supporting documentation required during the certification process:

  • Government Education
    • High School Graduation
    • College/Trade Certifications
    • University Degrees
  • Virtual Assistant-related Education
    • VA Training Programs
    • Coaching/Mentoring Hours
    • Further Education
    • Certifications
  • Work/Professional Experience
    • Self employment history (Min. 1 year in business)
    • Client testimonials
    • Previous Admin/Corporate Work Experience
  • Professional Accomplishments
    • Online Presence
    • VA related Volunteer Work
    • Industry Participation
    • Industry Promotion/Growth

It is possible to qualify for certification if you rank low in one section yet rank sufficiently high in the other sections. You may be asked to provide information for each section from client testimonials to certifications you already hold.

You can read more about the certification process at our website.



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