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Hi everyone, would you do me a favor please? I have been working on my first blog post for at least a month. I have made lot's of progress and edits. I even updated my picture on my website too
I have finally stopped avoiding making changes to my blog post.
Here are some questions:
Do I keep the word best in best action plan?
Do I keep the word best in best virtual assistant?
Should I move heading number 2 and place it after heading number 5 or leave it where it is?
I value your input.
PS. I am making more changes to that blog post and to the website. I still have to do the following:
add links to my blog post after the final edits.
write my privacy policy to make sure it follows the new rules.
I have examples just need to finish getting that done.
And much more to do before I feel that this website is ready for markting.
Any suggestions on pricing for the services?
And what would a retainer be for each service?
Just getting ideas. Thanks for your help.
I know I changed the picture on my website.
But it is not showing up when I post this website. 
Any suggestions? 
I still have much to get done. 
And I am diligently getting it done. 
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A tool that is of great help to me when writing blog posts or any copy is Grammarly . Do you use it? It will show grammar errors, spelling etc. Your blog post is very informative, I suggest creating an image to go with it so it has a visual appeal and so people can share it on social media. Canva is a popular tool for creating images. 

When creating packages and setting your rates you need to decide on what you'd like to earn as a Virtual Assistant. This pricing sheet will help you set your rates.

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Hiya Marie,

As for the word best it is definitely used in the right context although if you look in a Thesaurus for words that mean the same meaning you might come up with better words to use that sound perfect for you audience.


As for the headings, I think you are fine with what you have done. I'd put a call to action at the bottom that links to your service page or contact us page.

Privacy suggestions. It's hard to put a price on these services for you as each individual works at a different pace. Figure out your hourly rate first like Danielle suggests above. Next figure out how long it takes you to do the things in each package then add a few hours to the package X your hourly rate.

Again retainers are dependent on each individual VA. If you are unsure about packages then just offer hourly retainers. Here's a few good posts on pricing to read to learn more:


Your pic shows up for me. Maybe you just need to refresh/reload your browser window.

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