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Tawnya Sutherland

These checklists will save you hours (and make you look good, too)

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Do you know Cindy Bidar?

You know, I've been following Cindy online for years and she's even spoke at my network but I could not recall if I'd ever met her in person so I asked her today. Turns out we met at an online conference in Atlanta where she was working as a VA many years ago. We were both in charge of counting cash from a donation of some kind at this conference. She remembers me because I was the one complaining about the color (or lack of it) of American money. LOL! That sounds like me as I never could get used to USD green cash and prefer spending our monopoly color CAD cash even though it's not worth as much. Reason is, in the past I accidentally tipped a bartender $60 instead of $3 in American money thinking I was giving him 3 one dollar bills and instead was giving 3 twenty dollar bills... OUCH! Lesson learned! ;)

But let's get back to getting to know Cindy more... 

Cindy quit her day job in 2011 to start a VA business, and very quickly had a full roster of clients and was soon earning 6-figures working from home. She specializes in marketing systems and automation, and she's become known as the go-to expert for coaches, course creators, and online marketers. 

NOW here's why you need to know her: She recently bundled together her entire business operations--all the checklists and worksheets she uses to manage projects for her clients.

AND she's letting you grab the entire package for JUST $17 when you use promo code VANETWORKING in her shopping cart. (Thanks for the discount Cindy!)


You get all 24 checklists:

  • New Website Installation Checklist
  • Blog Post SEO Checklist
  • New Blog Post Checklist
  • New Blog Post Promotion Checklist
  • Image Creation Checklist  
  • WordPress Website Maintenance Schedule  
  • New Mailing List Setup Checklist
  • Weekly Newsletter Creation Checklist
  • New Opt-In Offer Checklist
  • Free Webinar Setup Checklist
  • New Product Setup Checklist  
  • Sales Funnel Setup Checklist
  • New Podcast Setup Checklist
  • Podcast Episode Checklist
  • Podcast Guest Outreach & Scheduling Checklist
  • Membership Product Setup Checklist
  • Help Desk Setup Checklist
  • Help Desk Management Schedule Checklist
  • New Affiliate Program Setup Checklist
  • Affiliate Payout Checklist
  • Affiliate Tools Checklist
  • New Email Account & Forwarder Setup Checklist
  • New Add-On and Sub-Domain Setup Checklist
  • Website Security Checklist

Plus all 8 business documentation templates:
  • Website Creation & Maintenance Details  
  • Email Marketing Setup & Management Details
  • Sales Funnels & Marketing Details
  • Podcast Setup & Management Details
  • Membership Site Setup & Management Details   
  • Help Desk Setup & Management Details  
  • Affiliate Program Management Details  
  • Hosting Account Management Details

This is the real deal. I've personally just got them myself as I LOVE CHECKLISTS!

These are the actual checklists that are behind the operations of dozens of successful online businesses (including me now!). And you can use them as the start of (or in addition to) your own standard operating procedures. 

TIP: Even better, make a copy for each client you serve, then edit them (they're delivered in Word documents for convenience) to customize for your unique business and processes. 

Use promo code VANETWORKING right here to save $10 instantly

You'll make a great impression with new clients when they see how organized and efficient you are, and show off your expertise and professionalism with existing clients, too. 
Get them right here! (Offer expires soon...don't wait)

And don't forget that promo code to save $10. Just use VANETWORKING in the cart. 

To Your Virtual $uccess,
Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS
Founder of VAnetworking.com
*The Market Leader For Virtual Assistants Worldwide*
30,000+ Members & Growing! Login Now

P.S. These checklists cover some of the most requested (and highest paid) projects for VAs, so having them in your toolkit will not only make you more efficient, it's going to give your skill set a boost, too! Here's the link one more time:

GO HERE to GET THEM - and remember the promo code VANETWORKING
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