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I'm new and just trying to start out and get a grip on what a VA is. 

So, yesterday made me question everything. I had an interview with a potential client. (Which turned out to be a scam, not really surprised.) But the interviewer confused me in sending a legit sounding welcome letter to the company and then asked me to do some questionable things. So, I asked someone for assistance in this as I was pretty sure it was a scam but wanted confirmation, since this was my first potential client and no clue what to expect. 

I talked to this woman for a while. She told me she had been doing VA work for 28 years. She asked how long I had been a VA. I told her this was my first client, (which in my mind says I'm just starting out). She rudely said she didn't care if this was my first client how long had I been a VA. I just started trying to get my first client for maybe a month. She said well then you aren't qualified to be a VA without years of experience. What my past work experience was. Well, some writing and a bookkeeping, general office work here and there. I have a degree in business management. Then she asked about my services. I replied my services were writing, data entry, and bookkeeping. She replied those are not VA services. Then she told me I needed to get my act together and figure out what services I want to offer. She asked about my target market. That is what I've been wrestling with and yes I know I need to know my market, but to be honest I'm not sure who my target market is. Then she was rude and told me I had no business trying to be a VA as I don't have the proper services, I don't know who my market is, that I do not have at least 3 years to be a VA and it takes about 5 -10 years to actually get your first client.  

So, now I'm confused and starting to wonder if I've picked the right career. She basically told me I need to get a traditional job and forget home-based work based on the few questions I answered for her. Here is the problem with working a traditional job. We live 30 mins or so from town, most jobs that are available legally get by with only paying $2.10 an hour (restaurant jobs), gas is $3 a gallon. It would cost me about $100 to drive to work and make maybe $50 a week. Also added to that I have health issues that make it hard for me to work outside home as well, and I for sure can not work in a restaurant. 

So, with all that I know a lot of information. I am very confused by all this. 

Thanks so very much.

Karla Smith

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So sorry to hear your first chance at getting a client turned out to be a scam. Learn from this what the red flags were and remember for next time. There are awesome clients out there just waiting to hire you but there are also bad weeds too. As well, there will always be nay-sayers in the world and sounds to me like you just talked to one. ;) Forget about what this VA said to you and move forward.  I can't believe how negative she was to you considering you are just starting out. If people in your life (like her) tear you down before you even get started run as fast away from them as you can. BTW, glad you found us here and we look forward to helping you on your new journey as a VA.

I've been helping VAs get up and running for 15 years now and no matter what stage of the game they are at, if there's a will there is a way to become a VA. :)

Have you downloaded the VA startup checklist in your member area yet? If not, go do that first. Next watch the video on "What to Expect in a Career as a Virtual Assistant." These 2 steps should help you figure out if this career is for you or not. 

Sounds to me like you are an ideal candidate for this career being you have administrative work experience in the past. As well it sounds like you'd love to work from home which gives you reason to succeed. 

As for finding your niche, eventually you will, sometimes it takes experience and time to figure it out, don't worry. It took me a few years until I found mine and in the interim I worked doing general administrative duties. As for this VA saying you don't have the proper services, etc. just ignore everything she said. Every VA will have different services as we are each unique in what we offer. There is not a right way only "our way". ;)

If you'd like to get on the phone and chat for a free 15 minute consult feel free to book an appointment with me.


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