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My website is up and running. 

Will you please go check it out and give me any advice. This was the first website I ever created. 


Thank you. I truly appreciate it. 


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Hiya Marcus,

Good job getting your website online, pat yourself on the back this is quite an accomplishment that many never finish.

Here's a few things I've noted that I would change.

1. On your homepage, I would not center anymore words than 5 (say in a heading). Never center a paragraph as it is too hard for the human eye to read online. Always left justify your paragraphs. We read from left to right and by centering paragraphs (even though it looks nice visually) it is hard for the human eye to read as it moves to the center of the paragraph and tries to read from there. Stick to left justified, more people will read the content ;)

2. On homepage under services, I'd hyperlink the graphics themselves directly to the services too. Gives you more chances of someone clicking and going through to your service page.

3. When I click on the "schedule discovery call" button it goes to a page not found, even on your service page so you'll want to fix that.

4. It's great to see all your contact information in the footer together with your business hours, terms and a privacy policy...good work!

5. The About block on the right would be better used space for a CTA (call to action). Maybe put your discover call action button there or better yet, have a signup to your newsletter here and start building your list.

Like I said in the beginning, great job! Keep at it, a website is always under construction.




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Thank you so much for the advice I will definitely fix all of that right away.

Your point #2 what did you mean exactly?  Like, have each service be a link that goes to my services page?

and the page not found thing that's weird ill have to look into it. thank you 

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Hi Nicole,

Tawnya makes some great points!

What she meant about #2, is to have each of those images link to your services page. People have a tendency to run their mouse over images to see if they are clickable, so it's a good way to get people clicking to your services page even faster.

It looks like you fixed the discovery call link to properly point to your contact page.

I think it's a great job for your very first site! Another thing I would focus on is your branding. Right now, you utilize a lot of colors, which is fine if that's what your focal point is going to be, but it doesn't really match with your logo, so I'd stick with the colors that are in your logo. Also, watch your fonts as well, both with the number you are using and the sizes. No more than 3 for each.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for clarifying my #2 questions, you were bang on Veronica ;)

I agree with Veronica on your branding too...stick to your logo colors, maybe switch out that green with one of them see how it looks.

Your images don't have a consistent look on your service page for example. I'd try to make these images look more consistent and trying to think how using same images...maybe you could make them greyscale instead of coloured. Just a thought.

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