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Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to be here as your new moderator, so thought I'd introduce myself, so you can know who I am and what I'm all about.

My name is Veronica and I've been creating websites since the 90's, yep, the 90's! Back then, WordPress and Squarespace didn't exist. We had to actually create our sites from scratch! I think it was even before or right around the time CSS came about.. My sites were made with tables - lots and lots of tables.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I was able to find a couple of my sites from the early 2000's, which brought back some great memories. Attached are a couple of the site layouts.

I took a couple years off from creating sites as it was pretty exhausting and I got burnt out because I refused to use Dreamweaver and Frontpage (lol), and then WordPress and Joomla were all the rage around 2011/2012. I actually loved Joomla more than WordPress back then. It is a lot more extensive in what it can do and I feel you can be a bit more creative in how the sites look. But alas, WordPress is what I've mostly stuck with and what I use to create my clients' sites, because in the end, they are the ones who will be using them, so might as well make it easy for them!

So what do I do now? Well, I have my own business called Dewdrop Digital and yep, you guessed it, I specialize in web design and also branding. I've been working with Adobe products for years and years and I love creating things from scratch. I worked in the video game industry, so I have made some 2D graphics here and there as well.

I also have Dewdrop Visuals, which is a site for learning how you can incorporate web and graphic design into your business for your clients. I've recently created a YouTube channel to expand even further, so be sure to check it out and subscribe for weekly videos!  In addition, I also have Dewdrop Academy, which will house all of my courses. You can check out my free mini course, The Canva Starter Kit if you're interested in learning how to make graphics with Canva.

So again, I'm very happy to be here and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I chose this forum as my main section I'll be keeping a watchful eye on as it's what I know the most about, however you'll see me all over the forums in general, so be sure to say hi!



2002 - The Dewdrop GardenTH.png

2004 - The Dewdrop GardenTH.png

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I'm so excited you are going to help us out around here and share your knowledge with us. Wow! Such an extensive background in web design I didn't realize that.  I still have my first website online just for the heck of it in the days of dreamweaver and gawdy graphics LOL! Here it is here, my first business, Stamp Garden from back in 1997. Sure come along way since then ;)

Excited we have an expert here in Canva and even more excited to see you have course in it. We will have to talk once things settle down for me about promoting your products to my list ;)

Anyhow, welcome! Glad you have joined us and looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. Thanks for volunteering your time! :)

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Thank you Tawnya! I'm very happy to be here and help out however I can. 

Haha oh my gosh, love those 90's websites! I wish I mine still showed up. My very first one in the 90s was VERY colorful.

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Hey Veronica!

So glad to have you aboard. We can all learn so much from you. I love Canva but I'm probably the best at it lol so excited to see what tricks you have up your sleeve!

I also used Joomla prior to WP and even went back to Joomla at one stage when WordPress was new. My, how technology changes and the landscape shifts under us. Now I couldn't live without WordPress!

Would love to talk about WordPress with you sometime. 


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Hey Mark, thanks! Haha you just might be the best at Canva - we can have a Canva-thon and see who wins lol! But just like with anything, there ALWAYS something to new to learn, so we probably can find some new tricks from others.

Awesome! Glad to see I wasn't the only Joomla fan!

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