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Please review my edited website

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Hi Everyone,

Here is my accountability report for the last week.

Even though I was out of town and did not have the best internet connection which is one of the reasons I was not able to join in the Q and A session on Thursday.  I was not happy about missing that because I find them very helpful.  My apologies to the group.  We just had a busy schedule all last week.

Here is my website: www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org/

To give you a heads up on some of my changes:

1. I Edited and redesigned my home page. Including links to different pages to practice setting up buttons.

2. I tried setting up links for my Stripe account and I am thinking that I will just use PayPal instead because it has more options with a drop-down menu.

I must figure out a few things on my end and that may mean contacting customer service.

3. I did change my services and shortened the number of packages.  I wrote down more clear details on what we offer too.  Let me know if that works better.

4.  I also edited the pricing and pricing page and might revise it for the virtual assistant section, so it won't be confusing there.  

My goal is to have a monthly retainer based on number of hours.

Suggestions on how to word that would be helpful.

Now that the website is looking tons better I am going to continue to market it in full motion this week and future weeks.

I will be reading up on creating a funnel this week and doing that to add to the website.

And I had started a new blog recently just need to put an ending to it and make some edits then it should be in good shape to publish.  Hopefully this week.

I do value your input and I do my best to make most of the edits you suggest.

And apply what you teach me.

“We work with the best to help the rest”


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Marie Mason, Owner of CM Virtual Assistant Agency

"We help your business grow one webinar at a time."

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Lots of progress being made! Congrats! 

When I went to your website the content on your homepage took a while to load. See screenshot. You might want to look into that as people will end up closing out of your website as it looks like nothing is there. 

I also recommend adding your pricing to "Our Services" package page, as it doesn't tell people who much the packages cost and it's quite hard to find the pricing page. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.40.20 AM.png

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Good progress so far!

If you watch our most recent coaching call I hopefully answered the questions you sent me beforehand via email during it on funnels.

I still think these 2 pages should be combined somehow as it gets confusing going back and forth:

I feel you could improve with pricing by offering so many hours per month instead of saying weeks. ie) 40 hours per month < That is so much simplier than saying: 20 hours X 4 weeks (when month includes 5 weeks then we just add one more week).

Also most likely you won't get packages for 160 hours per month. I would set up packages possibly like:

10 hours/mth
20 hours/mth
40 hours/mth
60 hours/mth 

Or something similar. As well, to encourage people to buy packages (monthly retainers) they need to see the "deal". I would change your hourly rate (pay as you go rate) to $60/hr. Then in your packages give a discount which gets better the more hours they buy.

10 hours/mth cost you $570 (works out to $57/hr)
60 hour/mth costs you $2700 (works out to $45/hr)

Keep at it, you are doing awesome with your website, pat yourself on the back :)

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Great job Marie!

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Hey Marie,

Do you have any specific questions you want to tackle?

My one suggestion would be to remove the cycle of images on your friend page. Most people's attention span is extremely short and by the time it even loads, they'd be off to another site. So I would stick with one image/message that you want to convey the most and stick with that.

Great job overall!

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Great to see you checking in and keeping at it Marie. Yes a website is always a work in progress and never-ending. ;)

I would try to thin out your menu as really you should only have 5-7 menu options for the user else it becomes overwhelming for them on what to click on and many times they won't click at all.

Can you nest menus under another one with Wix? If you can then maybe I can make some suggestions for you.

I'd definitely put your privacy policy link at bottom of page as it doesn't need to be up top.



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