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Recommendations to guide potential clients

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👋Hello VA Community, 

I recently had a potential client reach out to me for services I don't provide. Any recommendations to provide in a response? 

Thank you in advance, 



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Wow, this is positive news that prospects are coming your way already!

Best advice if you don't do offer these services is to write a nice email to them stating so and give them an alternative solution to find a VA...
1. Outsource to another VA who does offer these services. You could hire them on to do the work and you project manage. I probably wouldn't recommend this in the beginning of your business as it is better to have under your belt the knowledge of working with a few clients first.

2. Tell the client that you don't offer these services but know another VA who does. You then refer them to that VA. Most times you can do a joint venture with that VA that they will pay you a percentage of the client's first retainer, a $ amount for the referral and/or could be as simple as a Starbucks gift card for sending them your way? LOL

3. Send them to our job board and just let someone else do it (using your affiliate link found in your dashboard so you make $5 for job lead at very least) http://vanetworking.com/rfp

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After reading your response, another question came to mind. How do you go about finding other VA's to outsource? 

Always appreciate the great advice. Thank you

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If I don't have someone to personally recommend to prospect, I tell them to post an RFP at VAnetworking's job board. I explain that it's free to post there as well. I always make sure to use my affiliate link, then I get a $5 referral. 
I'm not sure of the best way to find VAs to outsource to. I have VAs contact me on my website all the time about working together and I usually take a look at their website to see if its someone I'd be interested in working with. Then I keep their contact info on file with what they do. 
I've posted RFPs myself and have found a few good connections for outsourcing as well. 
Maybe we should start a thread in the forum in the VAinsiders area and put our information so we can all learn a bit more about each other. Maybe something like:
Contact Email:
Who do you work with:
Or something, and we can create a little database on our VAinsiders Forum. :)
Maybe Tawnya has some ideas on that. 
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Ok, I started a post for VAinsiders that use the forum. Fact is though only about 10% use the forum. If you really want to outsource I suggest putting a job into our job board. 

Here's the post and I'll mention it in our newsletter too:


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