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Good Day, my name is Noemi Torres.  I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in United States of America.  I have been married for 28 years and have three grown adult children:  Jon 27, Kristen 24, and Justin 20.  My husband is Ed.  

At this time I do not have a website.  I am in the process of putting one together.  I have worked in the corporate world for 20 plus years as an Administrative Assistant.  I work a full time job 8:30a-4:30p for a caregiving agency as a PT Scheduler / HR Assistant and work about 30 hours evening/overnight as a caregiver for the senior.  I am ready to take life and career path to a different directions.  I am new to the Virtual Assistant and need to take baby steps to make sure I do not mess this up.  My hobbies and interests are learning anything new, organizing, cleaning and sports.

The first step I need to do is create a Virtual Assistant resume.  I have googled some samples but it comes through blurry when I want to read it.  Any suggestions?  I am setting up slowly my home office and gathering all the electronic equipment I need.  I have a All In One HP desktop; a Compaq desktop w/ tower; an HP laptop, a tablet, a kindle a smartphone, a fax machine; a All In One Printer (Scan, Copies, Print); a headset and a foot pedal.  Is there anything else I need?

I am terrify in taking the first step but at the same time I am extremely motivated.  I need to take some training on some applications and some refresher course.  I know In the business world today MS Office Suite is one application.  Are there any other I should expose myself to?

Hope to hear from my supporters.  Wish Me Luck!!!


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Welcome Noemi, 

Joining this community is a great first step.  There is an incredible amount of information that you would be exposed to by joining the VAinsiders at a minimum. Here are some quick resourceful links:

Free Resources

VAinsiders Joining will give you access to job board, training tracks, seminars, business templates, etc. 

VAC - Virtual Assistant Certification will walk you through all you need to know with starting your business in 30 days. (Highly recommend) from reading your intro. 

This is just a scratch of the surface. I personally have been receiving such great guidance when needed. You could also, set up a free 15 minute consultation call with Tawnya.

All the best in moving forward to make your idea a reality. 




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Angela thanks so much for welcoming Naomi and getting her some links to get started. I've been having internet connection problems the past few days so been hard to get caught up here when I do get a connection.

Welcome Naomi and I look forward to getting to know you more through your participation here :)

As for a resume, VAs don't have resumes. Instead, we have websites to promote our businesses. Much like a plumber wouldn't give you his resume if you hired him. We are independent entrepreneurs. In the beginning, until you can get a website set up I suggest updating your Linkedin profile and using that. It will give you some credibility if a client is interested in hiring you.


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Hi Noemi and welcome! I'm also new to the VA world and working on my website. I'm in Exton, PA (Chester County) just down the road from you... what a small world. Sounds like you have lots of electronics... plenty to get started. You can always add later as needs arise. 

Wishing you the best,


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Hi Noemi, welcome to VAnetworking! Sounds like you have some experience to help you on this new journey. And WOW you sure work a lot of hours.

The programs you'll need for your business will vary depending on the services you'd like to offer. You can get them along the way as you need them (that is what I did).

Do you know what type of clients you'd like to work with and what services you'd like to offer? 

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