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Hi there!!  I'm Nancy and I am a brand new VA.  My previous profession was in social services and health education and I have incorporated my experience into my new business, specializing with healthcare businesses, non profits and disabled business owners and individuals.  My business is heavy on the personal assistance services and from the knowledge I have gathered, noone is providing this type of service to the disabled.  Of course, I am also offering business support as well.  My website is www.avirtualhelpinghand.com  I did it on wix.com which is a platform I am very familiar with and I didnt realize most VA's do their sites on wordpress.  Hope it's ok. 

On a personal note, I am divorced with no children, live in Queens, NY and love meeting new people, travel, cooking, and all life has to offer.

This new VA venture has been a strong learning curve for me as I had to learn alot of programs and how to do alot of stuff most VAs do.  I am still preparing my contracts and planning to learn a few more programs before I officially launch in about a month...I did send out a few cold email pitches but didnt hear anything back..I will DEFINITELY be taking advantage of the free email templates in the stocking stuffer ;)

At the moment, I am feeling very overwhelmed, feeling like I need to "do it all" and am in awe of the skills so many VAs bring to the table.  Any support and feedback would be helpful.  Look forward to getting to know you all better and best wishes and blessings on your own VA journeys ;)

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Hi Nancy and welcome! Your website looks great, kudos to getting it online, you are ahead of most starting out.

I'm actually heading to New York City tonight for a couple days holidays and staying downtown at Times Square. Never been there before and so looking forward to my trip!

Make sure you follow up constantly with all your cold calling and eventually that tip will help out. Follow up is crucial to your success.

Try not to feel overwhelmed as you only need to learn whatever relates to the services you are going to offer. I found I learned stuff when a client would ask for that service. It's like a fax machine in the olden days, we all had one but how often did we use it?

Wishing you the best and any questions, ask away. I'll be back after the holidays.

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thanks so much!!!  I was concerned my website was too wordy and was difficult to navigate but thanks for the compliment.  

Have a good vacation...oh as an aside, i sent an email to support because i never received the link to download the stocking stuffer freebies.  


p.s. i live in new york...not sure if you've ever been there..it can be quite the experience ;)

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Hi Nancy, welcome to VAnetworking! 

Yes, it can be overwhelming at first. I think if you write out what services you'd like to provide it can help think things through. 

Did you end up getting into the stocking stuffer freebie? I hope so, if not let me know at help@vanetworking.com. 

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Welcome, Nancy!

It's so great to have you here. Pace yourself and take it one step at a time, as the year ends you can start on writing goals you want to achieve for you and your business.

We are all here if you need to ask any questions.

All the best.

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