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Hello to everyone,

My name is Ericka Johnson, I currently live in Colorado but am moving back to the East coast in the Spring of this year. I grew up in New York City and went to Union college in upstate New York graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I then worked for four years in the restaurant business, before I attended The Culinary Institute of America graduating with an Associates Degree in the Culinary Arts. I worked in the restaurant business for about seven years and then moved to an office job, I have worked in a call center, front desk at a medical office and now front desk at a vet hospital. I has  always been a dream of  mine to own my own business ( work for myself ), I did have a sauce business but unfortunately it did not work out, but I learned a lot. I have been working in offices for the last 9 years, but it has been hard to make ends meet. So I recently went on line to look for part time jobs i could do from home and this popped up. I thought to myself well I have been doing this for other companies I can do this on my own.

So I need all the advice and help I can get I think this will fit my skill set and I can work for myself, I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Thank you


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Yes do I have to have a website and a blog to start? do i need to sign up as a sole prop with someone like legal zoom? Will I need any licenses? What are the basic 10 steps I need to do first.

Thank You


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Welcome Ericka, 

You are in the right place!  For a small investment, I took Tawnya 30 day Become a Virtual Assistant course. This will answer all your questions and help you set the foundation of establishing your business.  You will need to dedicate a few hours a day to do this course if you are serious about starting your work from home business.  Besides the course, there are other outlets offered by vanetworking.  Such as becoming a member of the VAinsiders which this yearly membership offers training tracks, job board posting, group coaching, and other discounted perks.  

Best of wishes in your new endeavor.


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Hi Ericka and welcome to our networking boards. I'm looking forward to seeing your new business bloom this year and any questions you have just ask us.

First, I suggest you signin to your member lounge and watch the video on Becoming a VA. 

As for having a website, yes that will be a priority for you (it is your storefront). If you do it yourself here are some Wordpress resources to get you started. If you want help creating it, we offer website packages here and/or if you invest in my VAC training program we design your site for you.

In the meantime, until you get your website up at the very least put your Linkedin profile together. You can use that as your storefront until your website is done.

Where do you live? Once you tell us that we can direct you to a website in your state/province to get your business operating.

There is also a startup checklist inside your member area to keep you organized and give you steps to get up and running.

Any other questions, ask us ;)

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