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Launching My VA Business

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I was wondering, what would you say I must have already and put together before I launch my business.

And what are some things, I can wait until right after launch.

Thank you! 

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Hmm good question. What services are you going to offer? You really don't need much to start up besides a computer and internet. You probably want to get a contract written up at the very least. I'd also recommend outlining your operating procedures such as, how clients can reach you, when you'll be around etc. There is a sample contract here: http://vanetworking.con/free. You probably already have access to it. You can take that one and edit it to make your own.

You'll also have to figure out how you want to be paid, what system you will use. Maybe PayPal? And also your rates and packages. 

What have you done so far? 

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The services I will be offering are; 

Administrative Services 

  • Appointment Setting with Reminder Services
  • Answering Client Inquiries
  • Client Invoicing
  • Document Creation
  • Spreadsheet Creation
  • Slide Show Creation
  • CRM Management
  • Email Management
  • Online Research

Business Advertising/Promoting Services

  • Creation of Advertising Materials
  • Distribution of Advertising Materials
  • Tracking Advertising Campaign
  • Social Media Management


Also, I wanted to ask, which business processes should I have put in place? I know I need my client onboarding but that's about it. 

And if you have any tips or suggestions about the onboarding process, it would be much appreciated. 

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Client onboarding is basically a phrase someone made up so they could sell you products surrounding that process. ;)

Onboarding a client is fairly simple and usually goes in this order:

1. Get them to pay your retainer upfront (usually online through Paypal).

2. Get them to sign your contract (I do this after I get their payment as once they pay it's easier to get them to sign as they want you to start working for them right away).

3. Talk to them on the phone to get pertinent contact information (contact info, passwords, etc.) to help you service them.

4. You can also send them a document stating your business protocols (hours you work, how you'll communicate with each other, how payments are made, holidays, sick-time, etc.) Each VA has different protocols.

As you can see, there isn't much process to prepare to onboard a client. The hardest part is getting them to pay and sign that contract.

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Thank you so much. I appreciate it. 

I can send my business protocols to them in my welcome packet correct? Or should I not worry about a welcome packet? Do you send your new clients a welcome packet? 


Thank you 

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It never hurts to have a welcome packet to explain your business protocols. Your welcome packet can just be an email or a link on your website explaining how you work with your clients too. Things to include would be:

1. How you communicate with your clients. Phone numbers, text, skype, etc.  If you use a project management system like Asana then you'll want to give them instructions (videos or however you do this) how to sign up.

2. What your business hours are. Your contact information, etc.

3. How they pay you and when. If retainers maybe more details on them ie) do you carry hours over till next month or snooze and lose, etc.

4. Extras you may charge. Do you do rush jobs, etc.

5. Any other relevant information you feel a client would need to know to work with you.

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