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Restarting after a Long Hiatus

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I've been out of the loop for a good long while. Reviewed and implemented many strategies which helped me. But now I'm getting back in the game.

I watched a webinar and got some useful info, but when I checked my LinkedIn page, it seems that they've marked my website as potentially malicious or harmful. I've had no problems with my website, other than its slowness to load, it's still free for now. So I removed it. I realize that, aside from my lack of activity due to my illness, anyone seeing that may think that I'm not legit, despite how much I've edited all my content.

It's all so overwhelming. I am doing some product reviews to hopefully get a little extra cash, hopefully a little more than just beer money. I'm also worried b/c I'm  running out of vitamins and one of my prescriptions, even with my insurance, is showing up as really expensive. I can't work w/o all of my pills. I'll be at my best when/if I can find a way to obtain my ADHD meds. It's really difficult for me to focus, prioritize, and put in the time that my business requires.

I'm glad that I found this resource, to learn, sometimes to vent, and engage with like-minded individuals like myself.

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Thanks Danielle. I will probably do that. I have had a lot of trouble w/links on there. It's probably a glitch b/c sometimes when you click on a link it opens a tab that says something like oops that's us.

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I'm still not sure where you host your website but maybe the free one you are using is more hassle than its worth. You get what you pay for ;)

On another note, sorry to hear of your illness right now and on top of that issues paying for your meds. Would it maybe be easier for you to get some type of part-time job for a while until you can get on top of the payment of your medications? Just brainstorming here but making 5K a month as a VA doesn't typically happen overnight like many lead you to believe ;) It's hard work and takes a bit of time to bring in the clients. 

Make use of our Job Board as that will be the quickest and easiest way for you to land a client. If you can make it to our group coaching this month please try and we can help you out. If not, send your email to me and I'll bring it up on the call to get some answers for you on the recording.

On another note, some of the best business entrepreneurs in the world have ADHD. Read this article for inspiration. ;)

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The meds thing is OK, after all. Thankfully. I was able to get all of my RXs. They have this thing on the drugstore site, when the Rx is being filled it will often show the price minus insurance, then when it's filled, it shows the co-pay. This always makes me nervous. B/C sometimes it shows your co-pay. So when I see a funny high number I get scared. But it's all good. I will check out the group coaching. I actually had forgotten about that, what with trying to find some income. part-time is all I can manage at the best of times. I also live in a very disruptive environment, noisy neighborhood makes it hard to concentrate for a lot of the time. Some afternoons I have to put earplugs in so that I can think & (try) to block out pounding bass.

My current site is by Site Builder. I love it, it's just pricey. But I'm attached to the interface, the current template/design that I have really works for me.

Thank you so much for sharing that article with me. I actually wrote an (upcoming) blog post about writing with ADHD. I really need to get my ADHD medication soon so that I can be more in-depth in my research & writing.

Oh & I'm not the hyperfocused type, I'm very inattentive & scattered, moving from one thing to another, sort of drifting. Coffee helps, but overall it's very difficult w/o Ritalin. Docs are very wary & hesitant to help me at all. I work best in short bursts.

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Glad to hear the meds thing got worked out for you. :)

I'm not familiar anymore with SiteBuilder. How expensive is it? If this is it, it's not badly priced.

Good to hear the article inspired a blog post out of you...so smart implementing something you learn into something that will bring traffic to your website. ;)

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Yes, they have a great deal right now, hoping to get in on that before it goes away. I was thinking more long-term, hopefully by then I'll be earning money & can take the increase in price.

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