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My name is Cindee Houk, and a couple of months ago, I decided to make a significant change in my life after over 27 years in the health insurance industry.   I was so stressed out for such a long time, and my health and well-being were suffering.  Suddenly finding myself 50 years old, I didn't want to continue living this lifestyle.  That was when I decided to make a change.  I did a lot of research into careers I could do at home. Not wanting to work with insurance any longer,  I thought of how I could use my skills to make a living.  

I stumbled upon Virtual Assistance.  After researching this field and telling others about my idea, I realized there is a considerable need for these services.  Just by telling people I know, I have already received several prospects.  

Since my job required a lot of long hours, I decided to take a risk and quit my job.   It's scary, but I know I will be successful and it's much less terrifying than the thought of being unhealthy.

I created Virtual Assistance by Cindee, and my services include Social Media Management, Social Media Ads, Writing/Proofreading, Administrative Services, and graphic design.  I'm so excited as these are all things that I love to do, and my job will never be tedious or stressful. My website is in the process of being created and will be up and running soon.

I reside in Roseville, California, and am the mother to an awesome grown-up son who travels the world.  My favorite things to do are riding bikes, reading lots and lots of books, traveling, and going on long walks.  I'm also a Gonzaga Men's Basketball fan as well as a NASCAR fan!

While taking a virtual assistance class by Kayla Sloane, I found VA Networking.  I am looking forward to obtaining resources to help me with my business as well as meeting others who share my passion for Virtual Assistance.

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Welcome Cindee! Way to go looking after you and your health first and foremost. That is such a awesome decision you made in your life and one you will appreciate years down the road. There is nothing better than to be a VA to work where you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want! ;)

Sounds like you are way ahead of the game already with website on its way plus I see you are a VAinsider (great decision!).

I love traveling and Nascar too so we have something in common. ;) 

We have tons of resources for you here and hope to see you tomorrow at our VAinsiders Coaching Call.


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Hi Cindee, welcome to VAnetworking! Roseville is a nice area, I love that they have a Top Golf and go to it whenever I'm in the area. :) 

Hope to see you on tomorrow's VAinsiders Call!

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Thanks for the warm welcomes Tanya and Danielle!  Unfortunately, I won't make the call today as I have a prior appointment.  I will be on the next one though.

Have a wonderful day!

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