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I need some advice about my branding, and possibly about rebranding and renaming my business! Please, share some insight and opinions with me!

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I need some ADVICE!

I have not too long ago started my online virtual assistance business and when I launched I did NOT prep or prepare, I didn't have the knowledge nor insight behind a startup launch that I now know is so important. I backtracked and wasted so much time by not laying out every part of a business plan and marketing plan in the beginning. Now, I am spinning my wheels trying to get everything done out of order for making my online presence and expertise visible and evident.

Originally I named my business rather quickly without putting my mind to it, and I have altogether said that branding my business by my name would be too difficult and I sure wouldn't think ANYONE could consider my last name easy to remember or catchy enough to draw attention (Boerema is my last name - pronounced BORE - MUH) and I really want to RELAUNCH my business and REBRAND all the way to my business' roots, however, I have started building my following and gaining engagement under this name now, and all my listings, and I just wonder if it is for ONE thing worth it to:

--> rename my business????

--> continue using this brand name and personality as is and wait to rebrand?

--> rename my business but not mention it and start creating new content

Additionally, is there any insight and advice someone can offer me, because for me, unfortunately, when I began freelancing and starting this business full time, I had thought some about the decision and about starting a VA business, however, the most prominent reason was because I had a situation at home that required me being here at home and closer to not just my own house but to my mother, who needed help after a mastectomy (save the tata's!) and she broke BOTH feet around the same time, lord help us. That makes it very difficult to make errors in my newfound business when it is hard enough finding quality and paying clients, and making enough money to survive.


(POLL) And which is better for my name situation? 


  1. Optimal Virtual Assistance Solutions
  2. Bluemoon Assistant
  3. AssistanceStreaming
  4. Savvyaction
  5. Clarification Workstation
  6. Keep brainstorming for something better...


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Yes that is definitely a boring name so I would --> rename my business but not mention it and start creating new content

I don't understand exactly what your question is in that paragraph about your mother so just guessing here with my response... Life will always creep into your business and you just have to stay disciplined during those times the best you can. That is when support from others in the industry (like in our group coaching at VAinsiders.com) helps so much! Knowing others are going through or have gone through something similar is very supportive.

What name did you choose? I don't understand the poll not knowing it.

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