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Hello from New York!

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Hi! I’m Tammy,  co-owner and principal provider of TASK Virtual Assistant, LLC - website: https://thetaskva.com.

While this isn’t my first time starting a business, this will be my first successful business! As a kid I ran a bicycle repair shop out of our garage, and in my early teens I would type college students’ manuscripts for a nickel a page!! About 24 years ago, I began a financial and business support service, but I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing and it failed miserably. So why now? What changed?

 I love being an assistant and helping people, and have always wanted to be my own boss, but two things held me back: financially I couldn’t take the plunge, and I lacked the confidence – especially after that first failure. Then I lost my job and was not having success with the job search (if I hear overqualified one more time I just may forget I’m a lady!! 🤯) and then I received a letter about a state program that would give me the training I needed to start my own business, and, on the same day, my sister texted me a link to check out something about learning how to become a virtual assistant from vanetworking.com!!  My decision was made. The timing was right. Time to jump out of my comfort zone and start doing something for myself…and here I am.

 I launched Oct. 31, 2019, and was very fortunate to have attended VAVS the week before! What I learned there actually gave me the courage and confidence to face the daunting task of breaking ties with my first client!! (Thank you Tawnya for letting me know that was ok to do!!) It really wasn’t a good match and it was better to quickly pull off that band aid!

I offer an array of administrative and office support services, but my niche is Bookkeeping. I completely geek out over a spreadsheet – seriously, numbers are so sexy!!

A few personal things about me:

  • I make my own wine, and I love to sew. I designed an apron for my daughter and granddaughter and a friend said “Apron Wine”, and my label was born.
  • I go absolutely nuts for Corgis. I lost my furbaby a few years back, but he was a character. Thought he was a cat! So it goes to reason that the cat who adopted me 3 years ago – Stumpers (our “CEO”) thinks she’s a dog!!
  • One of my favorite sounds is the true clacking of typewriter keys. My mom gave me my first Smith Corona manual typewriter when I was 13 .I immediately fell in love with the clacking of the keys!
  • Oh  yeah, and I’m very much an introvert but working on it! 

I hope this wasn’t too long!!  I do have issues wrapping things up. 🤷‍♀️ But I am very much looking forward to being a part of this community!! 🥰


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"Starting Strong is Good. Finishing Strong is Epic" - Robin Sharma

tammy@thetaskva.com | https://thetaskva.com

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Hi Tammy, welcome to the forum! I'm so happy to hear that VAVS helped give you the extra push to move forward! 

Sorry to her about the recent passing of your dog. :(

Look forward to networking with you in the VAinsiders and Forum. 

Providing exceptional online support services to businesses and entrepreneurs since 2010. Visit my website to learn more.


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Heyya Tammy!

Welcome and so excited to have you part of my VAinsiders. Already enjoying your contributions at our group coaching sessions and thank you!

You have such an interesting background and such an entrepreneurial spirit!

Good to know someone who thinks #s are sexy as you'll be a big asset to the forum here with your bookkeeping knowledge.

Loved hearing a bit of your personal side. I've never made my own wine yet with YET being the key word there. ;)

Looking forward to getting to know you here this year and watching your business takeoff! :)


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