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Want Better Uptime for your Business Website? Check this out ...

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The other day I went out to my favorite grocery store only to find a CLOSED sign in the window. CRAP! :(

So what's a girl gonna do? Well, she runs across the street to the other grocery store which was open until 11 pm and gives them her business instead. ;)

AND guess what??? That store is now my favorite to shop at, I love it! ;) But I never would have found it if the other grocery store was open for business.

It's no different online, downtime happens! If someone clicks on your website and it gives an error saying the website can't be accessed, guess what? Yep! You've possibly just lost a client to someone who DOES have a website online at the moment.

That's why I use Better Uptime to monitor when my website goes offline for whatever reason. I'm the first one to know when my website is down via a text, phone call or email (whatever method I choose). This reliable website monitoring system warns me if anything happens to my storefront (website) which helps me never lose a prospective client who might be trying to access my website.

I want to share this wonderful website tool called Better Uptime with you because it's being offered right now at a remarkable low price through AppSumo.

It's a Lifetime Deal for only $49 (Reg. $960). It totally rocks with 109 reviews at 4.89/5 so obviously an awesome tool.

With Better Uptime, you can monitor your site, app, or store and alert the right person on your team when it goes down.
Go here to grab it as I'm sure this deal won't last long!

When you land at the website you'll have to scroll down to "Current Offers" and type into the search box the word "uptime" to find this spectacular tool to help you get notified when your site goes down. If you see the image above you've found Better Uptime. ;) If you can't find it, let me know and I'll help you find it. Worth the effort for this amazing deal LOL!

Let me know how you love it if you get it!

Get your first month for $7 using coupon code: TRYFOR7

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