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Moolah for VANF

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I was just reading your posts in the VANF PR thread, and I was trying to think of ways to make some money for the forum. I might be totally mistaken, but didn't I read that your beau has some sort of Tshirt business or something? If so, maybe you could offer to have him make customized VA T-shirts or polo shirts. We could have them customized with our logo or other artwork we provide, and you could have the VANF logo on there or something. I'll bet a lot of VAs would love to have an inexpensive source for these, and it would bring in a little more money here. I personally have already been talking about having a couple of shirts made. My husband is a mail carrier, and he does not have to wear a uniform. He agreed that he would be willing to wear a hat or Tshirt with my business on it, especially on days he is working a business route. What an easy marketing tool!


Just an idea. I don't know if it is feasible or not, but I know I would be interested in purchasing a couple.

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Great idea Julie!


I would buy a polo shirt as long as it includes a pocket for my pen, gotta have that, absolutely a must for me. I would also be interested in buying patches, a cap, other VA mouse pads, screen savers, stuff like that. I don't care for jewelry or anything to girly. I like being a girl but don't like wearing anything girly. :)


Sure I can find some t-shirt place or other promotional items store to have the custom VA stuff made but I'd rather buy it from this forum to support this forum if/when it becomes available.


I'm sure we could all contribute in some way or another to the designs, taglines, etc.


Okay now, I'm getting excited...let's hear some more ideas. :)



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He can do any mousepads you like. http://www.milehighcustoms.com/airplane-mousepads/ I just haven't had any time to sit in photoshop and design some. Just send your picture and they are done.


T-shirts can be done but in all honesty, I'd have to sell for $20 or more each and I can't see anyone buying them so haven't bothered yet. I need to find a decent supplier with quality products. Also, to get the "good" transfers that are silk-screened, they have a minimum of 100 to buy and I'm not investing to buy that many of one design at this time. I am looking into other ways to do this but just honestly haven't had much time. If anyone wants to research wholesalers/pricing in Canada (has to be in Canada since this is where I live), and send info to me, that would be great.


One day this month I will post all the taglines for the T-shirt contest and we can vote on some we like. Unfortunately, it is all time with me and running other areas of this forum take up my time so end up not having much time for areas like these. I promise to get to it soon.

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Here are a few Canadian shirt suppliers I have found. Don't know the pricing on the 2nd two. Anybody want to contact them about pricing?


http://www.jrjclothing.com (I don't think it says what brand they carry, but the prices are posted on their site.)


http://www.alstyle.com/ (seem to be off-brand shirts, but maybe I'm just not familiar with them because they are not US brands.)


http://www.budget-t.com/ (they carry the nice Fruit of the Loom 50/50 shirts)

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Great and thanks!


Yes, most likely I will go with Budget T-shirts. The biggest thing is finding a person to make the transfers for us. I can print them on the computer but wanted them silkscreened instead. Silkscreening requires 100 of each transfer made and honestly, until I find someone who who allow me just to do 10 or 20 transfers at a time, we can't do it.


I don't know much about ordering T-shirts so will keep looking into it. Any research help appreciated and thanks so much so far!


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