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PC Anywhere by Symantec

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I haven't seen GTMPC on Ebay but I did see PC Anywhere. I see they have version 11 which includes host and remote software. It is a pretty reasonable price.


I don't see I'm in Touch on Ebay, did you download it?



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Hi Melody:


ImInTouch is an Internet based software through a specific company. You will not be able to purchase it through eBay. You can go to their website at imintouch.net to review their system. I absolutely love it and I still have not gotten into all the bells and whistles. smile.gif

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Hi Melody,


I bought I'm In Touch through Ebay at a great price!


It came with serial and registration numbers, I was sent the original CD through postal mail. Only thing was it was an earlier version, but the "I'm In Touch" support crew sent me the free upgrade link. It works great..love it!



Keep your eye out at Ebay!



kimmer biggrin.gif

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Oh Wow Kimmer! smile.gif Learn something new every day. My client bought it so I was only aware of the ImInTouch site. I did not know of anyone selling it other than ImInTouch.net.



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Oh great! Thanks for the info from both of you!


I will keep my eyes out for the program on ebay, but I don't need it as of yet, it would just be good to have it on hand when the need arises.



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I would like to suggest VNC. It is open source and, thus, free to use for the likes of us. It will also allow you to be able to work around situations like proxy servers and firewalls at the client locations. If you have a client who is very touchy about their security or has a particularly sticky network setup, you can have them connect to you and turn the control over to you automatically. This is a very secure and straight forward way to be able to "control" someone else's computer. As an ex-computer geek (or can you ever say "ex"?), this was always the secure option of choice for us to connect to various highly secure computers, regardless of location. Check out TightVNC. This one also offers file transfer and is a complete and easy to use option.

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Ive used both VNC and PC anywhere. Vnc is free and works just as well. Gizmo!thanks for the link to tightVNC. Another one for my favorites for sure.



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I use PC Anywhere all the time.


To answer one question that was raised... can you use / access your client's computer and use one program while they are using another program?


The answer is no.


When you access remotely to another computer using PCA, it is as if you are sitting in your client's chair. You control the mouse, the software on that computer. You can't (at least in the versions of PCA I have used) work in the background while, say your client, uses another program on that computer. It isn't like working on a server.


My experience, unlike other posts, my clients are not on a server. I access them either by dial-up (which I don't recommend! it is ungodly slow!) or over LAN.


I have even had clients site for hours just watching me work. Guess it is fasinating to them.


Hope that helps.





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