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New Web Site Launched - Designed by Moi

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The definition tags are solely for the formatting of the definition list. The <dl> tag is a paired tag so it requires the end tag. The other 2 tags are empty tags. The <dt> tag formats the term in bold and adds an automatic line break. The <dd> tag formats the definition by creating an automatic indent.


Also, regarding the new web site, it looks :magic: great! :thumbup1: In addition, if it were my site I would want have an order form or online cart. So, if you haven't already, you may want to offer this additional service for them. It may boost their sales and make you look really good! Not that you don't already! :naughty:


In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

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Hi Dale:


He is a supplier, he sells by the container to distributors. I did talk to him about this and at the moment selling the juice to individual consumers would be cost prohibitive with advertising, fulfillment centers, etc. All promotion of the product and website will be towards the distributor. Of course, that could always change down the road.


If any of you VAs out there know of a distributor that would be interested in these lines of juice, let me know. :)

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I have just one word to say to you re the new website - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a talented person you are. I feel very humble when I read all your responses to everyone - you know so much and now this wonderful site, I am in awe of you. Your client must be thrilled. :appl::thumbup:

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Double wow Naomi! The site is outstanding on so many different levels. Brilliant work!

1) To create an indented paragraph within a paragraph


2) Creating a definitions list like you see in a glossary


<dt> definition term

<dd> definition


3) 2 sets of Style Tags - logical and forced

Blockquotes and Definition Lists are structural HTML elements. Blockquotes should be used for long quotations; definition lists contain terms and their descriptions. Using structural elements to style content impedes accessibility. Assistive devices rely on these elements to facilitate navigation and comprehension; Google uses document structure to weigh text. If you’re interested in blockquotes, definition lists, or mark-up in general, here’s an excellent article by Shirley Kaiser:





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Thanks for the great link Carol. I am learning something new about HTML every day, and CSS. I have always worked in a WYSIWYG format, then gone into the HTML if I need to change something. The more I learn, the better I am able to adjust things. I really need to get stronger with CSS. I just know the basic formatting functions, and there is so much more you can do with it.


P.S. Thanks everyone for the compliments on the site. :) I had one VA on Friday point out one small problem on the contact page, which I immediately fixed. That is what I love about our industry, we look out for each other, and pat each other on the back. It is so nice not being competitive, we get so much more done this way. :)

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