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so- why hasn't anyone knocked down my doors? Or should I say, why hasn't anyone responded to my ads? :whistlin: If anyone has suggestions, I am all eyes :D !

I have already been certified in several areas and need guidance on where I will be able to get job offers.

Thank you so much and can't wait to hear what you all have to say :D

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First of all welcome to the forum. If you'd like to go into mycontrols and insert a signature we'll know what to call you as you hopefully settle in and make this your home away from home.


As for business more often than not these things take time. Networking will be key, but even then you'll often need repeated exposure to the same group.


If you do a search for marketing you'll come up with a wealth of suggestions, and if you share more details on what you've done so far you may get a little more input on ways to improve upon your existing practices.


All my best in the mean time. I look forward to "seeing you" around!





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Your website looks like an affiliate site rather than anything having to do with Virtual Assistance.


I'm not knocking it, I have *no* problem with affiliate sites or AdSense sites...but what information are you giving people you're networking with? Maybe you're not giving them your site. I don't know...you didn't mention that.


Honestly, now that I reread your post...I don't see much information that could give us an idea of what you might be able to improve on in order to get more clients. Where are you putting ads? Perhaps that's the issue. Are you marketing online or locally?


Your potential clients may feel the same way :)


Not trying to sound unfriendly, just trying to give advice that may help. Welcome to VAN. You'll find amazing resources and people here, and most questions are only a "Search" away!


Edited to add: I went back to the home page, I must have missed the top portion, when I clicked the link in your profile it took me directly to the AdSense stuff and I now see there are certification listings up top along with a discription of your personality. Maybe IE was acting up on me.

Edited by jennydecki

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Guest TerryGreen

Unless my eyes are just crossing over and I'm missing it completely, I can't find a link to your website so I can even take a look at it. Jenny ... where did you find it?

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Guest The Edge VA



You have come to the right place for information on growing your business. This forum is a wealth of information and I am sure that you will find both it and the advice and opinions of the experienced VAs who "live" here very helpful to you.


I have to admit, I agree with Jenni's comment about your site. I understand what you are trying to achieve with all the banners, but it is just distracting and in my opinion detracts from the professional organized image you are trying to portray. The banners are jumbled all over and your   spacers are visible on the page. The first thing I would recommend you do is remove some (if not all) of the advertising from your site. The look you are going for here is crisp, clean, slick, professional and organized.


Once you have done that, you need to add your URL to your signature line on all the networking forums you frequent.


Have you identified a target market? I see you have real estate experience, I would recommend joining Real Estate specific forums.


Also, since you worked for Coldwell Banker, I would call your old office and ask if you might do a presentation of your services at their weekly sales meeting. Just for starters... Also, as Brandy mentioned... do a search on this forum using the keyword "marketing" and read through some of the previous posts of advice. LOADS of helpful info on here!




[EDIT: its on the card on the left under her name Terry. Least that's where I found it...]

Edited by The Edge VA

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First of all, Welcome to VAN!


Unfortunately, this should actually be in the "Introduce yourself" section.


I definitely agree with Jennifer that your site is filled with too much advertising. After you've defined your target market, compose your site for them. Take of "The Golden Circle" stuff and a lot of that advertising. If you're a member of an organization or forum like VAN, put it on a membership page or on your home page. Show your client what your services are. I don't see anywhere on your site that shows what your services are. What are you going to do for your clients.


Go through the archives here at the forum. There is lots of information to assist you in your business. If there's something you're looking for and can't find, please ask. There's always someone here to help you out.


Best of luck with your successes!




Patty Dost

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