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Leanne, can you take a screen dump and email it to me to show what you mean by 'choppy'? Thanks!!


I didn't actually mean that something was "wrong" with the way it was displaying, just that the layout wasn't as tidy as it could be. One of the primary design principles is the concept of alignment -- our eyes like strong alignments, and a tidy vertical alignment is more pleasing to the viewer, and actually makes the form seem easier to fill out. To show you what I mean, I threw together a version of your form which you can see here (it's not as "pretty" as yours without the images, but should give you an idea of what I mean):


Tilda Contact Form


In doing so, I noticed another problem with your site, which you will see on looking at my version of your form. In your navigation, you haven't provided alt tags for all of your images. This means that if anyone has images turned off when browsing your site, they won't be able to access all of your pages. A quick addition of alt tags to all of the navigation will help make sure your site is accessible to everyone.


I also noticed a small typo in the sentence above your textarea block. You have "comments of feedback" instead of "comments or feedback."

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This site is bright, energetic, and really attractive! You'll want to remove the reset button from your form. Web usability professionals will tell you that visitors are far more likely to accidentally click a reset button, than they are to really want to erase all of their input from a message form.




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Your site looks great!


I did notice that on your home page, bookkeeping is still spelled as two words under "The Tilda Virtual Services is for you". Also, you may want to change bookkeeping to one word in your "title" so that the tab is one word. This also goes for your services page. I did find another "book keeping" on that page. I would also add an "s" on "Resume" on your services page.


Under "memberships" on your about us page, you have A Clayton's Secretary but the link goes to "A Secretary". Is this the same organization? Also under "memberships", "Alliance for Virtual Business" needs to be a "blank" link like the other two to open up as a new site.


Very nice job!





Patty Dost

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