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Podcast & Blog Tour on the Internet Super Highway

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Hey Gang,


I’m off!


That’s right; I’ve made my first stop of the 45 day Podcast & Blog tour. It kicked off at OIVAC’s blog and left the 1st scrambled puzzle clue; stopped at Laurie Dart’s blog today (left another clue), will head over to Alicia Forest of Client Abundance tomorrow and Corrie Petersen’s Virtual Freedom for You on Wednesday. (See press release for details). There’s still time to join the ride and schedule a stop at your blog/podcast.


BTW, I’m leaving clues for prize drawings at each stop. See the schedule here.



Lyn Bishop-Prowse posted this announcement on a list serv where she is a very active member, and I thought I’d share it (saves me from writing!)


Registrations have opened for the 2007 Online International Virtual Assistants' Convention! It's going to be a great convention again this year and as it's totally ONLINE the traditional costs associated with convention attendance (travel, accommodation, time away from home) don't apply! All you'll need is an internet connection and a headset! If you've got a mic you can participate in Q&A during the sessions ... if you don't you can still text chat your input.


Have a look at OIVAC and check out the great topics/speakers.


Must NOT MISS speakers include Small Business gurus Paul and Sarah Edwards, Outsourcing Expert Michael Russer and Marketing Specialist Robert Middleton as well as Diana Ennen, Becki Noles, Cheryl Callighan and many other exceptional VAs.


So check it out, and register for some of the sessions. Get in early because registrations close strictly Tuesday 15 May - NO EXCEPTIONS! We had a few disappointed people last year who really wanted to come and missed the deadline.


So plan your weekend May 17-19 NOW! OIVAC is the best value convention on the planet: for VAs, non-VAs, clients, potential clients and suppliers.


If you can't make a session that you really want to get to and have registered for, don't worry. They are all recorded and if you miss the actual session because of the timing, you will still be able to access the recordings of any session for which you've registered.


Don't forget, there are free networking events, as well as the VA Day celebrations Friday afternoon (EDT) where the winner of the Thomas Leonard International VA of Distinction Award and the Janet Jordan Achievement Award will be announced, plus the free and open 24-hours-a-day Exhibition Halls! (You don't need to register for any of the free events.)


See you at a tour stop near you!

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