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Tawnya Sutherland

Time Tracker Programs

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I am currently using http://www.allnetic.com/ as my time-tracking program for personal things but would like to hear what others use and why?


This one seems to work fine although I would like to find a program that I could export the data into a spreadsheet possibly.



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Hi there!


I have recently started to use the trial version of TraxTime and I am pleased with it so far. It is very straight forward and I like being able to customize my reports and adding a note to each one of my time entries. I think there is an export option, but it is not avaiable in the trial version, you would have to purchase a licensed version for $29.50. http://www.spudcity.com/traxtime/traxtime.htm


I am also interested to hear what other people use.



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I am using TimeSlice, which you can find at http://timeslice.modesittsoftware.com/. I had looked at TraxTime; however, TimeSlice has far more features for VA's. Some of the features I like is that I can have several time records open at once, I just need to quickly click on the client I am about to work on, several ways to bill my time (client, project, category), various billing increments (I bill in one minute increments), and my favorite feature, I can set the client's budget for rate and expenses, and time. I keep the budget viewable so I always know how close I am getting the end of the client's budget.


I have not upgraded to the newest version, my version is a year old. The new version, from talking to another VA, has the ability to also export into QuickBooks (I think). I export to an Excel spreadsheet.


Hope this helps in your search.

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Hi everyone.


I use Traxtime as well, but I purchased the full version. Yes you can pick and choose your reports and it will save it as a comma deliminated fields so you can export them into excel if this is your preference.

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I use MYOB's Time Billing feature. It does everything I need - automatic timing, optional units and increments, job number tracking, employee tracking, etc., and is fully integrated with sales invoicing.

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I have heard of many of these apps for tracking time. Seeing some of the dates these responses are stamped is the data current? Timetrax I know is still around,anybody have experience w/Chrometa?

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I use Freshbooks for tracking my time,

tracking my projects (internal, external),

for invoicing my clients,

for checking timesheets,

for getting paid online, etc...


I like it very much.


Although Freshbooks advertise themselves as a "bookkeeping" apps, it does nothing good for bookkeeping in my opinion (not judging anyone here ;),

but is really good for time tracking.

They have a tracker to actually countdown time,

you can pull many type of reports,

it exports to excel,

and for a certain cost, you can pay for an app to integrate FB with QBO and Xero (so invoices are added to QBO).


I had a look at other apps, but FB was my choice.

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