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Guest VirtuallyYours

Major Client - Minor Contract

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Dear Rosie,


I just finished reading the entire string of postings about this difficult situation. I was so glad to read that you achieved the result you were after. Your method of handling the meeting was impressive.


One of the true benefits of being self-employed is the ability to actually "hire and fire" a client. While is it very clear that you enjoy the work with this client (for the most part), there was a certain level of high-handedness being exercised by your client.


A good lesson for all VAs, especially newbies, is the importance of the contractual agreement, no matter how small the job or assignment. It is just a good practice to get into by insisting that every client sign some form of a client agreement - especially to ensure prompt payment, to clearly state penalties for late payment, and to specify exactly the work the VA is expected to complete.


Nice job! :thumbup:


Kindest regards,


Cindy Cali, Virtual Assistant




Wow - thankyou all so much for you replies. It's so heartily appreciated!


You all pose some good points. Why am I looking at a contract? I suppose, in the hope that it will force him to look at things professionally and get his act together, so then I can reconsider my idea of drawing back from them. But if he is dead against it, I suppose it makes my decision easier. My thoughts were that the contract would outline exactly what we want from each other now that things have changed since the last agreement. I get so frustrated when he basically indicates that he should be my number 1 client with all priorities given - every client is my number 1 client, but my other clients are so lovely and respectful of the fact that I run a business and my world cannot simply revolve around them.


An example of this possessiveness was last year when my partner and I went to Europe for 5 weeks. It was such an exciting thing for us and a rare opportunity. I gave clients 6 MONTHS notice and organised backup plans and solutions so that work could continue on its merry way. He actually said in a number of meetings, where we are surrounded by other professional business owners 'Rosie left us, it was so rude' - in the end, while I was taking minutes I had to say 'I will not be minuting those comments, and I will not tolerate that being brought up in a meeting like this again'. He finally stopped. Luckily for me, I think the other business people could see that he was the one being rude.

He travels alot and I am usually left up in the air with ongoing projects when he goes, but of course, this is totally different!


My problem is the money and some of the wonderful projects I work on. My partner and I had a chat about it last night and I think he is sick of me complaining about this client because he was quite supportive of me pulling away even with the financial risk. That surprised me to be honest.


So on Tuesday I will go in, with it all worked out in my head - options available etc (absolutely NO discussion of various rates, my rate is my rate and I am SO DETERMINED with that one!) - and see what happens.


I will let you all know.


Thanks so much again - you guys are becomming my most valuable resource to sanity.


Big hugs



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Guest VirtuallyYours

Thanks Cindy - you are so right. I wasn't leaving that room without an agreement to sign the contract because I believe in it.

And Arnie - man you made me laugh with that one!!!!! It's a '4 X' beer people! hahahah! :cheers:


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I eagerly read your post as it unfolded. It was interesting to see although you were quite aggravated you kept it professional and met each of his concerns with professional answers. KUDOS to you! Go ahead say it "I am woman hear me roar" :appl:


When you overcome something difficult it really hits home how much you know (or can do) that you didnt realize. Put this on your list of accomplishments so when you get that difficult question from someone "How did you deal with a difficult client and was the client happy in the end" you can say YES, YES, YES.


Plus its a good one to save and remember for the oops times where you do make a mistake and kick yourself.



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