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Celebrate Around the World...

Virtual Assistant High Heels Day!

July 9th, 2009

  • Are you a Virtual Assistant (VA) who works from home and misses the high heeled corporate days?
  • Want to rally together and show the world that Virtual Assistants are here to stay and ready to take over the corporate world?
  • Do you wish to support a really good cause that benefits the kids?

Join in on the fun today as Virtual Assistants from around the world celebrate...
Virtual Assistant High Heels Day!

Send your picture to us to be eligible for a draw to
WIN a 3 month VAinsider Club Membership


I don't know about any of our members here but one of the things I, Tawnya Sutherland, after leaving the corporate world to become a Virtual Assistant (VA), sorely missed (literally) is that I don't wear high heels much anymore!

No doubt much better for my now healthly feet but for that womanly "feel good" feminine moment we all need now and then to pick us up, there is nothing better than slipping your foot into a sexy heel!

To our minority men VAs out there (we know who you are!) when you reach the majority in this industry then we'll have a workboot day okay?


Where'd this crazy idea come from Tawnya?

Well, in 2008 while working out at the gym to keep that computer chair butt of mine in half decent shape, I watched the Regis and Kelly Show.I watch this show ritually every morning at the gym since I've been a fan of Regis for years and enjoy the variety of guests on it. And yes, Kelly with her healthy figure is incentive for me get my body back into a healthy form and one of the reasons I watch it while dutifully sweating out my gym ritual since I need the inspiration...please don't take that personal there Regis!

On July 9, 2008, they were having a contest called the High Heel-a-thon with all proceeds going to the March of Dimes.

All I could think of was getting finished with my workout and going home to sport my new heels I bought yet never wear! At the same time I thought of challenging our over 10,000 members to to do the same to help raise more donations for the March of Dimes.

So I challenge every Virtual Assistant worldwide to share with me in this new "Virtual Assistant High Heels Day"

We will celebrate this special day every July 9th forthwith with all proceeds going to March of Dimes.


So VA's? GET OUT THAT CAMERA, take a picture of you in high heels in your Virtual Assistant office and send to us to post here!

If you would like to show your support in a monetary fashion, please also visit the March of Dimes website and submit your donation in "Honor of Virtual Assistant High Heels Day".

So choose a day this week and wear your high heels for one full day in your work at home office to support our cause and CLICK HERE to send us your VA High Heels Day PHOTO! (Feel free to include your business URL too for a link back to your VA website).

There will be a draw this July 8th for whoever enters by sending us their picture with all pictures being posted on July 9th, VA HIGH HEELS DAY! 

Winner of draw will receive a 3 month membership at our VAinsider Club. All pictures must be received by noon PST on July 8th. Draw will take place at 1pm that day.

2009 Winner is Amy Kinnaird of Amy's Office...

Amy R. Kinnaird of ArK Virtual

Virtual Assistant High Heels Day 2009 Submissions:

Rob Neilly of Delphian Virtual Assistance

Ruth Martin of Maplewood Virtual Assistance

Terry Green of Fastype VA Services, Inc.

Patty Dost of Time Is Of The Es-cents

Kristi Pavlik's office at Adonai Business Solutions

VAintern at Adonai Business Solutions

Kathy Colaiacovo of Time On Task VA

Sally Kuhlman of Virtual Simplicity
(NOTE: Sally, being the rebel we have all learned to love in the VA industry, left the corporate world so she'd never have to wear heels again and would not supply us with a high heeled picture at this time. ;)

Danielle Guérin of VADG

Susi Schuele of My Virtual Project

Lurleen McNair of The Computer Therapist

Kimberley Thomas-Catanzaro of On-Line Secretary

Pam Ivey of My Creative Assistant




CLICK HERE & send us your PHOTO!

Entries accepted until midnight July 8th, 2009

Don't Forget to CLICK & Support March of Dimes!

2008 Winner is Amy Goble of Amy's Office...
Amy L. Goble of Amy's Office


Virtual Assistant High Heels Day 2008 Submissions:

Frances Palaschuk of Ultimate Biz Assistant

Sarah MacGregor of
SMac To The Rescue Virtual Administration Solutions

Ruth Martin of Maplewood Virtual Assistance

Michelle Jamison of MJVA

Terry Green of Fastype VA Services, Inc.

Lanel Taylor of Taylored Office Solutions

Lorraine Grout of Word Forward

Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing

Christiane Jechoux of Virtual Managing Associates

Don't be shy, please CLICK HERE to send us your VA High Heels Day PHOTO! We will be accepting pictures until the end of the week.




Testimonial Raves ...

READ the many Testimonials and Raves
from our VAinsider Club Members


Not only did I get one of my first clients from, after three years in my business...I got another client from the RFP section just a month ago! This is a very valuable board for getting information from your peers and those who have "done it before" - but more importantly, you can get clients by being a member.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have joined sooner and participated even more in VAnetworking than I did. The resources, access to RFPs, and the seminars are truly life-changing (and business changing!) Don't spend a bunch of money on some training program that has teachers that may or may not be any good. Tawnya's VBSS system, as well as her forum, have been proven time and time again to be all you need for true business success as a Virtual Assistant.
Jennifer Gniadecki - Atypical VA

“In the time I’ve been a member at VAnetworking, my virtual assistant business has grown from having zero clients to a near full time practice. I attribute a large part of that success to having a place like VAnetworking to come to for helpful, friendly advice, to find solutions to problems, to learn about new ideas and techniques, and to find talented virtual assistants who have helped me grow my business.”
Yvonne McCoy - Swift Office Services

Congratulations on making the Virtual Assistant networking forum such a success! I’ve been a quiet member here for over two years and it has always been the best free source of information available to help me build my business the right way. I have been able to slowly join other paid groups along the way AND purchase your totally awesome Virtual Business Startup System and have just happily upgraded my free membership here to the elite VAinsider Club as well. How can I not with all the great benefits?? You’ve really outdone yourself with the mastermind forum, Internet marketing seminars, template downloads, website reviews, and the best of all sharing your marketing expertise. It’s exactly what I need to keep me on track. Honestly Tawnya, I don’t know what I would have done without you and all your hard work here at VAnetworking. Your fingers may have been worked to the bone and I’m sure your back is aching many nights, but I am just one of many people who can say your efforts have made being a Virtual Assistant a lot easier than it might have been without you in the industry. The moderators are outstanding as well; my hat is off to the entire team!
Melanie Borowczyk

What has joining the VAnetworking Forum given you?
Friendship, information, entertainment, a sense of community.
Therese Weel

The Virtual Assistant Networking Association is like family. We come to each other for advice, support, questions and to share. Sometimes the answers we receive aren't what we want to hear, but they are given in love by our sisters and brothers. We are highly supportive of one another and aren't competitive. This VAnetworking Forum venue is ahead of its time and a leader in how to network in the VA industry
Becki Noles

A community that I can go to listen and be heard. A community of peers that are more than willing to share their knowledge with others and share lessons they have already learned. I’m thankful I can go there to ask for advice and know that I am receiving the most knowledgeable answers from those that truly care about the success of my business, not just theirs
Lynne Cutler

The VAnetworking Forum has given me a much better insight into how to run a VA practice, and specific information on various technical issues. ...
Yvonne McCoy

Confidence in the VA industry, belief in myself and the system, and respect of self and all the other VA entrepreneurs in this world. Starting a business from nothing is hard, yakka (i.e., work!) ...
Elayne Kelly



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