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  1. Editing

    I see a lot of stuff on line written in very bad English. It occurred to me that maybe it might be possible to advertise as an editor to go over documents and clean them up so they are presentable . I thought maybe I might advertise online a little, not sure if their's a market there or not but there are some really lousy documents online with terrible English.
  2. My goal is to pick up enough buisiness for me to make a deacent living but not so much that I can't handel it by my self. What I'm thinking is I should get a web site up, something simple, hopefully just a free site. Then I'm thinking of making some rack cards and jsut pining them up on bulitin boards etc at office buildings in Vegas, i live about a hundred miles form there but i think a few rack cards might get me a couple clients to start. I'm hoping to do every thing over e mail or e fax as i don't have a land line.
  3. I might go with rack cards after looking into them. The question is, what do I put on them? I can do data entry, make flyers, do some graphics, power point etc. But what exactly will people expect a VA to do? What's the skill set I'm expected to have?
  4. Is it my Self Esteem?

    Hope I can offer a different view point. Sorry, kind of long. I felt that way when I got laid off from the mine I was working at. No job meant no life I guess. Then I realized, that’s what society teaches us, a product of the culture, not necessarily the truth. I’m kind of like the survivalists in some ways, you can’t rely on society, you have to rely on yourself. I’m on a survivalist board, and there was a story about some guys that went hunting so far back in the woods they had to be dropped off by air plane in a meadow. When they hiked back a few miles from the meadow, they saw an old man dressed in old clothes who they realized had been living far out in the wilderness, off the land. They even stumbled across his log cabin he had built and a skinned out deer waiting to be dried or smoked for the winter. True, maybe the old guy was nuts or something, but whatever the case, he certainly didn’t think less of himself for not having a “real job” . I don’t know how many of you have seen the old sci fi movie Logan’s Run. It’s about a post apocalyptic society living closed off in a “city of domes”. The city was built closed off that way under the domes because of radiation, etc. but after everything cleared 200 years later, the people had become so accustomed that they had no idea of any other kind of life. As we move into the 21st century further and further, I think about that movie, every once in a while. More and more things are banned; we rely on the government more and more to take care of us. I live in a rural aria and when I listen to people from the city talk, the one thing that keeps coming up is that they seem afraid to do for themselves. Not only that, but they seem afraid of the state. They’re Afraid to wire up an electrical box, or plum a sink or a host of other things. They seem like children waiting for their parents permission to do the things that I do every day without a thought. I’m not a luddite, I love technology, and science, what I can’t stand is a life styfled and controlled by a bunch of special interests who think they know best for others. In Logan’s Run, the city even told you when you had to die, everyone had a “life clock” implanted in the palm of their hand that started to blink when you turned 30. At that time you turned yourself in, or the police (“sand men”) came for you . The people who didn’t buy the bs were called “runners”, they sought to escape the domes and go outside to find a place called sanctuary. I guess that’s what I am, a runner.
  5. Cucumbers, WHO KNEW!

    I didn't know cucumbers had all those vitamins in them. I love stuff like this, I got some walnuts because their full of omega 3 fatty acids. Very cool, I like those little cucumber sandwitches anyway.
  6. Sore Computer Neck

    I don't like the stiff neck thing either. I've been playing with a kind of computer stand for a lap top. Its like those food tray carts hospitals use. You hang your lap top in a bracket and it can swivel so the lap top hangs over you in your bed. You just reach up and type or use the touch pad while laying flat. It was pretty easy to weld togeather out of scrap metal. Once its earned its coat of paint, ill put a nice coat of rustolium on it.
  7. Husbands!!!!

    Wow. Reading this, I gues I'm pretty lucky, non of that going on at my house at all. My lifes pretty mellow. Mt sister and I live in a small place in the desert where we took care of our mother till she died. I work small jobs where I can find them, usually ditch digging or construction type stuff. She's in management at a local clay mine and works more houres than I do so I do all the houshold stuff, laundry, cooking etc. The va thing is something I'm just now looking into but we never have any of the problems listed above. Glad I'm single reading that stuff.
  8. Where is everyone located?

    That's what I was thinking, I'm not female but kooks may not care, usually I don't even use my real name online. I used it here because I'm looking for work.
  9. Hi, Im originally from so cal but got tired of the nanny state mentality and moved to rural Nevada. I m always looking for ways to make money as its pretty lean out here where Im at job wise. I thought up the idea of doing office assistant work over the net and found out it was an actual occupation. Thats how it got here; Ive done things like data entry, putting graphics into documents, filling out forms etc. I just havent done it over the net. What Im thinking is just trying to pick up a few projects to start with, hopefully build it into a full time job as it seems ideal for someone living in an isolated aria with little local economy. If anyone has any contacts, too much work or anything else, Im open to it.
  10. Facebook Warning

    This is absolutly true and not just for face book. Better to be on your own terms when ever possible.
  11. Its awesom that there are grants like this directed at women. So many women I know just don't seem to want to engage in independant action. They don't seem to think they can do things for themselves no matter what I say or if I use my sister as an example. Seems like society needs a lot of work still in that aria.

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