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  3. joyfulsolutions

    Real Estate Virtual Assistant

    Hello, I do provide Transaction Coordination Services, I know this post was a few years ago, but just in case your looking again sometime.
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  5. Danielle

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Sounds like you might have figured it out, but thought I'd mention that a lot of themes have it built in now, there's usually a custom header/footer section somewhere in your theme customizations.
  6. VAE_2018

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm good to go.
  7. Tawnya Sutherland

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Maybe @markofapproval may know one. I’ve not used these myself. Possibly some of these? https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/search/announcement/
  8. MarkMiller24x7

    What is on-page??

    On-page refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.
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  10. No email marketing isn't one of my major responsibilities so far, while Content marketing is a great way for building a prospect loyalty to your brand; The main purpose of creating a piece of content i.e business blog is to answer a common question the prospects have, so creating a content that is helpful for your potential customers will help establish an authority/credibility for our brand image; As sending an educational content to clear things up for a confused person and find answer to their common questions (Awareness Stage) via your blog posts makes them much more likely to come into the sales process (Buyer’s journey decision stage) trusting what we have because we helped them before (Long-term results) while the short term result is driving more traffic to your website besides traffic flow from the main services pages .
  11. Firstly, let me say thank you both for taking the time to respond. It's much appreciated. To answer your question Tawnya, I started the blog sharing from my personal experience leading me into launching my own business (not emphasizing what type of business I have) and ending with now I’d like to share my version of a startup checklist to get you started on your business adventure, etc. What I wrote was with the intent of targeting anyone who wants to start a business. I purposely wanted to make sure in my writing that it would target anyone with a business idea, but don't know where to start or maybe have been thinking about starting a part-time 'hustle' on the side. The steps I took could be used for starting any busy venture. However, I do like your angle of possibly writing a separate blog about starting your own VA business and utilize the affiliated links. I'll give that some thought. What triggered me to ask my question in this forum, that remains to be unanswered is how successful or not has sign-ups been when you offer a checklist? I wanted to hear about other experiences, simply curious. I realize there could be a variable in responses depending on the subject matter. But, I'm also curious how others feel with holding back as you stated 'basically a bribe' to get them to signup. Has this been a successful technique? Because I would instead share the information vs. hold back if this isn't a successful way to obtain a client based email list. For me, I intend to help others by sharing my knowledge by blogging about helpful ways. Maybe one of my strengths/weakness (double edge sword). I'm a giver vs. the intent of not wanting something in return. I rather share my knowledge vs. ask for someone to sign up for it. It's something I need to think about or find other ways to develop a client email list. In regards to a newsletter, I have not established due to FOCUSING on so many other areas. I may revisit this in the near future, once I'm more established. My current signup is mainly to make potentially interested clients aware of any specials (discounts, coupons, etc.). And maybe this is something I could emphasize with a signup at the end of a blog. I'm hoping I had clarified my way of thinking and it came across in a positive tone. Again, thank you for your insight.
  12. Good responses Mark! I am at a conference until Sunday and wish I had more time to think about this tonight but off to bed and offline all day tomorrow so thought I'd get a bit written here for you with my feedback with more to come later if needed. What is the checklist regarding, how you got your business to the point it is? If so, you'd probably want to make the checklist relate more to a client (who is your target market?) starting up a business (rather than a VA) so you can attract them to wanting this checklist. A great lead magnet creates a desire, a need, a want! It's basically a bribe to get them to signup to your list. I would write your blog post about your own personal story and then at the end or throughout it someone add that this checklist can relate to any service based startup company and you can grab it here (SIGN UP!). This could be one of several lead magnets into your newsletter. Actually, you could do this one on becoming a VA. I mean VAs need to hire VAs too. You could even put your affiliate links in it for my VAC and VAinsiders that you are a member of and possible make commissions from that.
  13. Hi Mark, Thank you for the response, as I'm getting familiar with the VA world I think you are stating basically what my question is asking. I have written a blog about my experience leading up to my checklist. I think I'm following what you mean about a content upgrade, turning my checklist into a client base signup. Basically, this is What I was trying to ask should I make the checklist part as a signup to receive it? And in return, I would like to hear how successful that has or has not been for others from their experience. Currently, one aspect of my marketing is posting weekly blogs on my networking forums, and when you click on them, they bring the traffic straight to my site. Also, I link my blogs with my number and request assistant form although they are already on the site just for added convenience. Respectfully.
  14. markofapproval

    Prices to Charge for Blogging?

    Hi Marie, One service I think would be pretty cool as a package would be this. To extend your webinar package by offering to transcribe or create shownotes out of the content that is created. I know some marketers like James Schramko have very in depth pdfs created from their webinars, with formatting and images + transcribed text.
  15. Hey there. Is this checklist going to be used as a lead magnet, or web content? I was thinking you could create a blog post based on your experiences and then do what is known as a content upgrade, and offer the checklist as a way of building your list. Tawnya highly recommends new VAs start building their list as soon as possible. But you will have to have some way to draw traffic to your website to build your base. What are you currently using to get traffic?
  16. markofapproval

    New VA member introduction

    Welcome Sophia! It's great to meet you. It's so cool you are a content creator. Do you find content marketing helps you land more clients on the medias you write for? Or do you do solo emails and things like that?
  17. Hi Sophia, Thank you for responding, curious being new in the VA world. How do you go about and market your services? Angela
  18. Hello VA Community, RE: Does Blogging and offering a checklist build a customer base? Relatively new with blogging, have about a month experience with it, I have established a schedule from the get-go that I feel can be managed on a weekly basis. I'm wondering how successful is blogging and offering a checklist has helped you establish a customer base. I'm getting ready to post another blog "Startup Checklist - My ride to this point." I started off sharing my personal experience leading me into launching my own business, and ending with now I’d like to share my version of a startup checklist to get you started on your business adventure, etc. Looking forward to receiving your feedback on how successful or not this has been for you. Many thanks in advance, Angela
  19. unfortunately, there is no live website those day
  20. VAE_2018

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Thanks for the response, I'm looking for a plugin that does put banners on your website. Preferably across the top of the screen for promotional discounts notifications.
  21. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello, just started out

    Hi Hannah and welcome! Ask away any questions you may have. There are some good resources inside your VA member Lounge too to get you started so make sure you check that out especially the video on becoming a VA.
  22. Tawnya Sutherland

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Not quite sure what you mean by creating them? Do you mean just some type of plugin that helpss you to put banners on your website? Or do you mean some banner that runs across your screen and says something when they land at your site? If you have examples please share URLs
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  24. Hello! Glad for you Great decision! I am also very New, and Loving everything I have learned and slowly getting started! Dawn @ "VAPS" (VAluable Pro Solutions)
  25. Hello everyone, I am very early days into starting my VA business but I have decided to take the plunge as I have given up ever finding an employed job that offers any flexibility or work/ life balance. I'm currently looking for advice, guidance, and support really. I joined the Facebook group and they kindly pointed me in this direction. So anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and say hello! Thank you, Hannah
  26. Good day VA Community, Looking for suggestions on a WordPress Plugin that is great use for creating promotional banners. As always, thank you. Angela
  27. Welcome to the forums. Do let us know if you have any questions.
  28. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Candra and welcome! Have you checked out our FREE VA Member Lounge yet? There is a great video inside their to explain everything you wanted to know about becoming a VA. You can login here
  29. Tawnya Sutherland

    New VA member introduction

    Hi Sophia and welcome! Such a great niche you are in as people are always asking for help with their web content.
  30. Welcome Sophia, do you have a website you could share with us?
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