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  3. Hi Everyone, It was great chatting with everyone today on the group coaching session with Tawnya this week. With Tawnya's suggestions, I trimmed down my elevator speech just a little bit. On my website, it is called my mission statement. I am also testing out a live chat feature located on my front page towards the bottom. I am available during my normal business hours. Thanks, Tawnya for answering my three questions this week. And thank you to all of my fellow virtual assistants who gave some great websites and information. I copied it onto my Microsoft Word Doc. I love to copy and paste. It saves on typing. Keeping this short and sweet. Have a productive week and season everyone. Warm Wishes, Marie Mason Owner CM Virtual Assistant Agency cmvirtaulassistantagency@gmail.com www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org "Helping your business grow one webinar at a time."
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  5. If Zoom works for you use Zoom! Here's an article I found using zoom to put onto Facebook Live I used BeLive for my Facebook Lives.
  6. Last week
  7. Thank you, Tawnya, I think the interviews you did on Facebook live really helped inspire me. That and I had several speakers encourage me to do them. Every time I did a Facebook live it flopped. I have zoom and I don't know how to go onto Facebook live with zoom. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Tawnya, I think this is the add on my LinkedIn I was mentioning. I think I was one of the three that liked it. LOL. I must have been tired when I did that. Here is the link. Let me know if you can view it. I have been producing several social media ads promoting different services. And I am going to be generating more adds this week. I have worked hard at creating other content too. Still more to go. Thanks for your help, Marie Mason www.cmvirtualassitantagency.org https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6487479112343568384/
  9. Thank you, Tawnya, I appreciate the compliment. My secret sauce is thinking outside of the box for solutions and ideas.
  10. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello, new(ish) VA from PA!

    Welcome Adele! Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. Any questions just ask us
  11. Can you share a link to the ad on Linkedin?
  12. Tawnya Sutherland

    Short video on goals

    Dare to be different and you won! Way to think out of the box Marie
  13. Good job doing video, pat on the back!
  14. Another video about 20 minutes roughly with another one of my event team members. https://zoom.us/recording/play/S-QESjorRxN6hiLipuBmevbV899Qxi-YQIEXfOvn9n7E8lfCMo6GJxgLELi_59Tx?continueMode=true&fbclid=IwAR0FpOrbvgdUgG7hFet1SGNYXrtR_lO4B_9EfFyvD6D0FiNe0nI6Zt-cvB0
  15. I entered this video for a contest and won because I was the first one to do a video and did it with PowerPoint Slides. https://zoom.us/recording/play/q5dob00oHvPpnv0gy7wP2r76YYALjSftyBqJQdzJci2t_5QmMykbXNVaHuhNGCAO?continueMode=true&fbclid=IwAR0y5WdFiiEBcsZqyf-Tl_JsM3xb_hGovDlg8TK4EBnaqd8Nxavqo9dCEHo
  16. Hi Everyone, Here is an example of one of the videos I did last week with interviewing with one of my event team members. It's about 14 minutes long. Enjoy.
  17. Hi everyone, I have been checking the views of my posts on LinkedIn. I got some likes on a couple of adds. That is encouraging. Here is my question: When my LinkedIn poster got a few views on one of the services I posted last week. Should I reach out to them and see if they are interested in that offer. What should I tell them? Suggestions, please? Warm Wishes, Marie Mason www.cmvirtualassistantagency.org
  18. Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Adele. I was a VA for years and then went back into working in corporate America after going through a divorce. Life circumstances at the time just called for that kind of change. I was only a VA on a part-time basis and needed to go back to full-time income -- and quickly! Anyhow, fast-forward to the present. I am now happily remarried and in a much better position. I have decided to take the plunge and delve back into my passion. I assist businesses with their HR, recruiting, and SMM needs. I also assist in a variety of other projects when time allows, such as event and meeting planning and trade show coordination.
  19. Jklewe72

    Business Name Ideas!

    I chose Oceanfront VA Services because that's where I'm hoping to be working from in the next few years!
  20. Tawnya Sutherland

    How many clients do you have?

    Yes, figure out how many billable hours you can charge for first. This will tell you how many client hours you could have. For example most VAs will spend 10-15 hours a week marketing, bookkeeping and doing other administrative work for their own business. If you are going to put 40 hours a week into your business then that only leaves you 25-30 hours you can bill out. Times that by 4 and it gives you how many billable hours you'd have a month. let's say 100 billable hours. Now that shows you could have 5 clients at 20 hours per month each. Or 2 clients at 40 hours each and 1 at 10 hours. Make sense?
  21. Tawnya Sutherland

    Proofreading and Editing Services

    Hi Bailey and welcome! Feel free to share your website URL or Linkedin/social networking connections with us so we can contact you in the future if any of us need this type of work. Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here.
  22. Tawnya Sutherland

    Business Name Ideas!

    I like them all and would love to hear the stories behind each choice. Have you checked if these are available domain names yet?
  23. Tawnya Sutherland


    Hi Ericka and welcome to our networking boards. I'm looking forward to seeing your new business bloom this year and any questions you have just ask us. First, I suggest you signin to your member lounge and watch the video on Becoming a VA. As for having a website, yes that will be a priority for you (it is your storefront). If you do it yourself here are some Wordpress resources to get you started. If you want help creating it, we offer website packages here and/or if you invest in my VAC training program we design your site for you. In the meantime, until you get your website up at the very least put your Linkedin profile together. You can use that as your storefront until your website is done. Where do you live? Once you tell us that we can direct you to a website in your state/province to get your business operating. There is also a startup checklist inside your member area to keep you organized and give you steps to get up and running. Any other questions, ask us
  24. Tawnya Sutherland

    Intro from Newbie

    Hi Jessica and welcome! Great to see you participating at our forum and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Content writing is always a much-needed service for my clients and I'm always looking for copywriters. What is your website URL?
  25. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hi! An Introduction from a Newbie

    Hiya Cristelle and welcome! Such a joy to be able to work from home as a VA so you can be there for your children. It's exactly what I did and never looked back! I suggest going into your member area and watching the videos in there to get you started. Any questions, just ask us we are here to help.
  26. Tawnya Sutherland

    My Introduction

    Hi Rita and welcome to our VA networking forum. Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here.
  27. Welcome Cristelle, You certainly do have your hands full with three kids but, hey Tawnya built the VAnetworking because she made the same decision to stay home with her children. Now, look at the great accomplishment she has made! I highly recommend following Danielle's link which can offer you a great way to set a foundation for your startup business as a VA. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor, Angela
  28. VAE_2018

    Intro from Newbie

    Welcome Jessie, Have you considered joining the VAinsiders? Becoming a member of the VAinsiders is a yearly membership which offers training tracks, job board posting, monthly group coaching, and other discounted perks. A minimal cost for great access to information, valuable knowledge provided by others in the group sessions, etc. which comes in handy when you need guidance. All the best, Angela
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