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  4. There has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to launch and grow your own freelance or VA business, even in the midst of this Global Pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, the freelance economy was booming with over 59% of all US companies currently working with freelance professionals and that number will only continue to grow with more companies working remotely. In fact, it is forecasted that over 50% of the US workforce will be freelancing in some form in the next five years. I think this number has just gone up big time! So this is your time and I know of ONE P
  5. The other day I went out to my favorite grocery store only to find a CLOSED sign in the window. CRAP! So what's a girl gonna do? Well, she runs across the street to the other grocery store which was open until 11 pm and gives them her business instead. AND guess what??? That store is now my favorite to shop at, I love it! But I never would have found it if the other grocery store was open for business. It's no different online, downtime happens!
  6. Have you ever watched as a new small business begins to take off? Maybe it's a brand new (to you) course creator, or an Etsy shop, or a freelance writer. One day you've never heard of them, then suddenly, they are everywhere. People you admire in your niche are talking about them, they're in your social feed because everyone you know is sharing their latest blog post, and it seems like every podcast you listen to is featuring them in an interview. That doesn't happen by accident. There's planning involved and a process to f
  7. Just a reminder that I'm hosting ta special 10 Year Anniversary of my Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit #VAVS in October and I am looking for the 3 Big SSS's that make this awesome event happen... 1. Speakers - Tons of perks being a speaker at our Summit but deadline is approaching to submit (August 31st) Click here for more details. 2. Swag Bag Contributors - If you'd like to donate to our Swag Bag and help
  8. Every Fall now for 10 years, I host my Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit #VAVS and once again I am shouting out to my network looking for speakers. Maybe it's you, the VA who would love to share your knowledge with other freelancers or maybe you have a client or two that would like to speaker. Please forward this email with anyone you feel would be a good speaker for us. If you missed my last #VAVS of 20 fabulous speakers & topics on "How to FIND and RETAIN Clients"well don't fret. You can still grab all 20+ one hour recordings at 50% OF
  9. @tarourk What was that Scam book you mentioned in the last coaching session? Can you find a link and share it here too?
  10. How did I miss this?!? I think this would be a fabulous idea!! I've just finished Simon Sinek's "Start with Why", and now I'm re-reading "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", Dr. Stephen Covey. I'm also re-reading The Big Leap. I think I went through it too fast the first time, I'm finding things I missed Coming up in my que: Brain Rules by John Medina
  11. Melissa, can you share the authors to those books so I can put together a list and we can pick a few to read?
  12. I was just thinking about this today! I would love to do a business book club. I think I would prefer a Zoom call verses a forum discussion, but I am open to either. I am reading "Work Clean" right now and have the book "Traction" on my desk to work through next.
  13. I'm always reading a business book to keep me educated and thought it might be something we could do in the forum. Not sure how we'd go about doing it but open to ideas. Reading one book a month might be too much for most. Maybe we read a book ever 2 months or every quarter? We could list a bunch of books we might be interested in and then choose ahead of time so everyone could get on Amazon or wherever you like. It would help to keep us accountable getting our reading done too. Like I just bought The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks , would love to start reading it and discussing with others
  14. Our Virtual Assistant Forum has been in existence since July 2003 and is full of a wealth of information for the Virtual Assistant industry no matter what stage you are at in business. From startup VA to the advance Virtual Assistant who has been in business for years, you'll find answers to all the questions that keep you awake at night on the inside. There are 2 ways you can join the General Virtual Assistant Forums: 1. Become a VAinsiders.com Member on a monthly or yearly basis. JOIN HERE 2. Members of our Virtual Assistant Career Program have lifetime access. If you are bran
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