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  2. Hi Kerri! Nice to meet you. Yes Danielle and Marie are right. I am also from Brisbane. Do let us know if you have any questions on Freelancing!
  3. Hi Kerri, I agree with Danielle, that you and Mark Hunter should connect. I mentioned you were from Australia.
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  5. Hi Kerri, welcome to VAnetworking! One of our awesome Moderators, Mark is from Australia as well.
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  7. Thank you for recomendation
  8. My all time favorite picks are: 1) Project Management - Asana 2) File Sharing - Google Docs 3) Messenger - Skype
  9. Any one got a chance to track via custom report? i want to know the down time of my sites at specific hours and on some specific days of the week?
  10. Good morning from Brisbane, Australia. I am writing to introduce myself - I am Kerri, new to the world of Freelancing and VA. I am in the early stages of start up, my head is buzzing with ideas. I am wanting to work part time to begin with - from little things, big things grow. My aim is to improve the world - one story at a time.
  11. I think keep the descriptions simple, don't give them too many options or things to think about. Provide a pay pal buy button under each service description and a call to action like 'download my FREE working with a VA ebook' or "You may also like my book editing services <<click here>>" the link would then lead to the next service description. Do this for all your service options on your home page. Which would have an icon or image for each with short description that opens to a new page with the service details, buy button, freebie ebook and call to action or upsell for another service. >image/ icon >title e.g. transcription services >short dot point description of service >PayPal buy button >link to download ebook >link to another service offering hope that helps amber
  12. Looks great Melissa & I love that you did this in Canva fantastic!
  13. Hi Kimberly, welcome to VAnetworking! Do you have any clients as of yet, sounds like you have some good experience behind you.
  14. Great job, Melissa G. I see you are making progress. Keep up the good work.
  15. As per industry standard, there are various things which are to take care for creating a secure password that are as follows: 1. Uppercase letter 2. Lowercase letter 3. Numeric character 4. Special Symbol 5. The password should be greater than eight digits.
  16. Hello everyone! My name is Kimberly Colley and I am currently starting as a VA after a 5 year stint working for LeadGenius as a Remote Sr. Project Manager. There I handled several projects and campaigns at a time helping clients build there business prospect database with lead generation services. I got laid off in January as the company started downsizing and that time I decide to renew my commitment to work for myself. I do have social media experience and I have also had the privilege to be in contact with a lot of very talented people who are experienced in different types of marketing and services. I am looking into starting a VA agency, but I haven't put up a website as of yet. I am a single mom who currently live in Michigan and have 2 kids and 2 grandkids! My daughter is graduating high school in June and going to be attending college in Atlanta. I found the forum through a Google search looking for virtual assistant training.
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  18. When creating my website the only major problem I am having is how to write my service descriptions so they convert. Any tips?
  19. I'm sorry, for some reason I didn't see this before now. Yes, I used Canva. I'm quite enjoying Canva, although I still think Photoshop is better. There are some things you just can't do in Canva.
  20. Yes, they have a great deal right now, hoping to get in on that before it goes away. I was thinking more long-term, hopefully by then I'll be earning money & can take the increase in price.
  21. Its hard to tell without any information of target audience. Organic source is some what easy to acquire but you need to create unique and killer content of your niche, use social media to market and target Low Keyword difficult ones using ahref.
  22. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.
  23. It's like exercising. If you can find a way to exercise that you love doing ie) playing hockey then you'll do it all the time. Glad you found a website program that works for you as that means you'll use it to it's fullest.
  24. Glad to hear the meds thing got worked out for you. I'm not familiar anymore with SiteBuilder. How expensive is it? If this is it, it's not badly priced. Good to hear the article inspired a blog post out of you...so smart implementing something you learn into something that will bring traffic to your website.
  25. This is what I use and have never had a virus: 1. Windows Defender which comes FREE with Windows 10 (kept updated) 2. SuperAntiSpyware - I have the paid version so it runs in the background but the free version works too as long as you regularly keep it updated. 3. Malwarebytes - I also run this which might be overkill
  26. Great to hear! This is a wonderful niche to tap into as so many entrepreneurs working online need better sales copy for their webpages, emails, automations, etc. You should have no problem finding work in this arena. ;)
  27. Site Builder is where my website is. And I really love it. So, while I can't use the images from there some place else, it suits me for now. The customization is amazing for free. I've got exactly what I need. I've done a lot of comparison. And some of the cheapest sites have poor customer service, some of the more high-end ones are too expensive, and I just can't stand WordPress. I know lots of people find it useful & simple. But I can't customize it the way that I want, not with the free version. So I've found what makes me comfortable. I need to be able to manage, maintain, and also not be frustrated w/the design. I can't be productive if I'm sitting for an hour trying to figure out how to get things to look the way I want them to. I don't like tons of time spent "troubleshooting". It's a serious drain on my energy.
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