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  3. Hiya and welcome! Yes cold calling event planners directly is one way to connect with them. Do they hang out at any live events or online groups? That would be another way to find them. I would definitely start building your list right from the get go (hopefully you already have a website and if not, that would be your first step. We offer hosting and websites here). I've written quite a few articles on my blog on finding clients too that you can find here.
  4. Welcome to our VA network! I've written a ton of blog posts on how to find clients so you might want to start there reading these.
  5. Your target market is way to broad as Small business owners and entrepreneurs are in the millions. What skills do you offer? Sometimes that can help you figure out your target market better. Right now you are promoting to any business owner that has a pulse, which is fine but when it comes to marketing you need to fine tune your target. It's shotgun marketing you are doing right now, throwing a bunch of things out there hoping to hit your mark whereas if you know exactly who your target market is (rifle marketing) you'll hit your mark dead on quickly and easily. I teach all about finding your target market / niche at my VAinsiders.com which you might want to consider joining. Ok, so what problem does your market have? Is it email disorganization? Then content on organizing your email would be helpful to them. Find out what the biggest problems are of the people on your list (ask them via your list) and that will help you figure out what to give to them as an enticement (bribe) to sign up to your email list. Also, check out Private Label Rights content (PLR) to get you a quick, brandable giveaway for your market. Easy peasy production then.
  6. Welcome Rose to our VA networking forum. There is a ton of wealth in the forum archives to help you transition from corporate to virtual. If you have any questions along the way just ask us
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  8. Hi. My name is Rose Telusma. I have not yet set up a website, all of this is new to me. I am however, very much interested in becoming a virtual assistant and to some day coach others in doing likewise. This is why I'm trying to learn all I can to start off right from ground level. Presently I work full time as an Account Receivable Clerk and process payroll, using Excel and QuickBooks. I am a single mother of a brilliant 16 year old daughter. VAnetworking was found by me while searching through Google for training in this area. Have not yet learnt how to navigate through this site but I definitely will. I'm pleased to be here and very much open to help with whatever I can.
  9. Hello, The only thing I feel like I am missing on my website is an opt-in, something for my potential clients to download after entering their name and email. But I'm not sure what. I was hoping to get a few ideas and hopefully an opinion on which one you guys think works the best. (I'm not sure if it would help knowing who my target market is but, my target market is Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. - I know that's broad but that's my target market)
  10. Hi! I'm new in this field but I have a training in Virtual Assistant course . Would someone give me some advice on how I get my very first client? And Please visit my website VAservicebyVenous and read my blogs : Benefits of having a Virtual Assistant in your Business I'm open for advice on how to be a good virtual assistant.
  11. Heyya Tammy! Welcome and so excited to have you part of my VAinsiders. Already enjoying your contributions at our group coaching sessions and thank you! You have such an interesting background and such an entrepreneurial spirit! Good to know someone who thinks #s are sexy as you'll be a big asset to the forum here with your bookkeeping knowledge. Loved hearing a bit of your personal side. I've never made my own wine yet with YET being the key word there. Looking forward to getting to know you here this year and watching your business takeoff!
  12. Hi Marit and welcome! So looking forward to connecting with you again through my VAinsiders. Hopefully you can attend some of our workshops during the month.
  13. Hiya and welcome to our network! Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here
  14. Most clients I've talked to don't want to see a long laundry list of services you can do for them. It is not only overwhelming reading through the long list, but time consuming and doesn't help the client's decision making process to hire you. Continue reading buttons are seldom clicked on according to web usability statistics. What does help them decide is a paragraph on how you can help them with their bookkeeping or social media marketing. What problem of theirs can you solve with your services? Shorter is better. Get to the point of what your services can do for the client and that's all you need.
  15. Hi Aggie! Looking forward to getting to know you through your participation here. I see you joined VAinsiders too...you will love it!
  16. VAinsiders.com and VirtualAssistantCareer.com members may add a logo to their signature. Here's video to show you how to add your logo and link it to your website. Dimensions: Up to 400 pixels wide X 60 pixels tall NOTE: Free members don't get a signature.
  17. I thought I'd put together a Friday FOMO post each week to keep you in the loop of what you may have missed. I know for me the fear of missing out is a strong one with so many emails each day as I often miss out! Where's its exercise, planning, education or reading you were interested in, we had it all this past week... 1. Abby Malmstroms's FREE New Year New Rear fitness training program is still available and you can jump on this exercise program here. 2. Freelance University has opened its doors for theIR January intake. Over 80 specialized courses designed to expand your skills and maximize your income potential in 2020. Learn more by clicking here 3. CoachGlue Planners are all on sale. This is done-for-you content that you can use to learn from or rebrand it and give away to grow your list or even sell as a product! Honestly, putting out incredibly high-quality content to please your audience has never been easier! SAVE $27 on any planner using my coupon code: 2020 Check out the planner selection right here 4. My Coach, Kelly McCausey is retiring a bunch of her products, many of which have helped me move forward in my business this past year. Get 75% OFF using my coupon code: RETIRE2020 You can see all the done-for-you packages by clicking here Here are just a few of the topics you'll find: Goal Setting Productivity Hacks Inspirational Coloring Pages Bundle Love Coloring Pages Bundle Personal Branding: Let Your Audience Get to Know You Self-Limiting Beliefs: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life! Master A Mighty Money Mindset Build Your Tribe: Sound Strategies for Building a Thriving Community Copy & Paste File: Customer Appreciation Expressions Small Acts Of Self Care For A Happier You Reducing The Impact Of Stress 100 Blogging Questions 100 Social Media Questions Chrome Extensions Save Time & Make You Smile Video Scripts: Engaging Community on Facebook Video Scripts: Promoting Products Video Scripts: List Building Basics & Beyond 5. We also got a couple of new blog posts you can check out here: Setting Goals and Sticking to Them with Positive Self-Talk and New Year, New Rear! AND, that's all you've missed the past week.
  18. Hello Everyone, My name is Tina and I am getting ready to start my VA business catering to event planners. The services that I am offering are email management/email marketing, including Mailchimp account set-up and email template design, design, administrative support, and social media. My question is should I contact event planners directly to get my first client. Does anyone have any advice on how to market myself?
  19. Hello my name is Agnes Kivata from Nairobi, Kenya. I am new to the VA world and am looking to explore and create a "work-from-anywhere and be my own-boss" business. Along with my education and training background, I bring forth 2+ years of professional experience, good work ethic, and commitment to excellence. I have a strong Psychology, Human Resource and Administration background. I am excited about this new venture and looking forward to connect, learn, grow and create great relationships with clients and other Virtual Assistants. I am looking for as much help as I can get to kick-off my business.
  20. Hello AMichele1 Let’s get one thing clear before we proceed. Starting a VA business is NOT everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain professional requirements that you need to have to make you venture a success.When we enter the virtual realm, the very first requirement is a good computer and high-speed internet connection. Second, you don’t necessarily need to be certified in some software but yes, you do need to know how to use the accounting software you are actually going to use. So yes, we can say that you need to have a know-how of how things work. Quickbooks Online can be a significant addition to your startup business. It helps keep the startup costs low. A lot of businesses and startups are using it and have witnessed positive results.If you are consider outsourcing the accounting systems over to other bookkeepers, you’ll just be amediator and it might become a bit difficult to meet tight schedules. Still, do not resist going out and getting to know the diversity in process.
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  22. Hello, First of all Happy New Years Everyone!! Secondly, I wanted some opinions about service descriptions; When writing service descriptions should I write the whole thing no matter the length or should I make them all the same length and have a Continue Reading button that brings up a pop up with the full description? I was thinking more so having a continue reading button that way it looks more professional and nicer. But I wold lie other virtual assistants opinions Thank you guys! I absolutely love being a part of this community/forum and am able to talk to fellow VAs
  23. Tawnya you are just AWESOME!!! I can't believe it, but you just really nailed it. Thanks for all the GREAT ideas. You have definitely solved a problem for me which I've had for many years. I sooooo! appreciate the help! Janice
  24. Hi Judy, welcome to VAnetworking and the VAC!
  25. Hi Tammy, welcome to the forum! I'm so happy to hear that VAVS helped give you the extra push to move forward! Sorry to her about the recent passing of your dog. Look forward to networking with you in the VAinsiders and Forum.
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