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  4. Hi Myles, I am a new VA as well, nice to mee you. Have you gotten your first client yet?
  5. Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself My name is Sarah and I am a freelance virtual assistant that specializes in helping startups get started! Though my background is in management, I have been working as a remote executive assistant for the last two years helping launch several eco-friendly and community-focused businesses. It was such a wonderful experience that I decided to branch off on my own and help entrepreneurs head down the path to success.
  6. Every business is being hit right now but people all still have needs and if you can find that solution for them, it can be a golden opportunity for you. What are real estate agents biggest problem right now is it marketing, showing homes, or what? If it's showing homes (people don't want to let strangers in their houses right now touching things, etc) then maybe you can come up with a solution like hiring a videographer to go in and do open house videos for realtors from the eyes of a person wanting to buy a house (looking in closets, opening cupboards, looking at areas of the house not normally shown in the pictures online for example). My point being, think out of the box of how you can fix realtors problems right now they are having with covid and find solutions for them. ie) Offer packages to help them put together open house videos LOL
  7. I am still looking for Real Estate clients but due to covid-19 I know the real estate industry has been hit hard so do you guys have any pointers?
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing you make this happen and will be cheering you every step of the way. Any questions, just ask!
  9. Great mission statement! I wouldn't worry too much about having one, I've never won a client because of mine. In the olden days it was important to have one as we needed content for our website. Nowadays people just want to know you can get the job done for them within the time they want it done. Mission and vision statements are really just for our own egos. I don't even teach this to new VAs anymore as there are more important things to concentrate on like building your list. Plus, I've noticed over the years that many new VAs get stuck on this task of creating their mission and vision statements. They get hung up on this and then give up on starting their business. Again great mission statement and now you can check that off your startup list and move on to getting yourself booked out with a full client base.
  10. These scammers are getting so smart nowadays. It's hard to distinguish good from the bad anymore. Red flags are so important like, do they want you to buy stuff for them (never do that!). We as VAs also should not have to give out much more contact info than is on our website either so be wary of these types of questions. In the end if it sounds too good, it probably is Thanks for sharing your experience with us Rob, it will no doubt help another by sharing. Thanks!
  11. Welcome to our network and hope it becomes a valuable resource for you.
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  13. This might be a silly/dumb question. Where do I find your signature
  14. Hello all, I'm in the very beginning stages of creating my business. I've come up with a mission statement and would be grateful for any input. 'Our mission is to provide dedicated support for business owners in various aspects of their operations with integrity and attention to detail through communication and collaboration.' TIA for your help Shawn
  15. Hi folks, This may not not be something that impacts you, but, two real stories (of many) in my words to the wise. Both stories involve different freelancer sites - no, of course not this site. In the first, I submitted my proposal for an at-home administrative position, making it clear that I lacked experience in one of the requirements; bookkeeping. The pay was ridiculously good. I felt I had a fair chance of at least having a discussion with the principal concerned. Whether neither here nor there, FYI this was an 'offshore' employer. I was magically shortlisted, and then - this is important, without any interview or discussion whatever - chosen for the contract because of my amazing skills. OK. Or not. I suggested I did not need his/their computer equipment (I already had/have three laptops and a tablet). But, no, I would have to use their equipment, and it would be shipped to me. Yep: red flag. So I said no, no thanks. This person wrote me right back, imploring me to reconsider. In the second case, a chunky administrative contract for a major US-based healthcare company, I was to have all kinds of varied and interesting admin duties. It looked really, really good. I visited the website. I did some initial checking on the Net. I decided to take the plunge, and yes, stupidly, provided some key personal information to the company. Afterall, they'd need some of it to hire me. Right? I remember the next bit very, very clearly. In brief: I woke up suddenly at 5 a.m. in an absolute panic. Did I just give scammers key information? I calmed myself down, as I was to have a live Hangouts interview that very day. (I had a full day of classes, and exams I had to give, at the college I taught for.) Lunchtime came around, and I fired up Hangouts. The interviewer was asking me a time-constrained set of questions, and I had to answer 'live', typing my answers quickly. On having to type an 'essay' (close to it), I reminded my interviewer I didn't have the time during our live interview. S/he had obviously forgotten, so told me I'd be allowed to do so later that night. But before closing, having given me no feedback at all except which steps were next, I was asked to purchase two Amazon gift certificates on the way home, and, you probably know the rest. I flat-out refused, and was told they'd have to report me to ??? All good and fine. At that point, I was absolutely sure I was being scammed. And then; panic. The short version of what happened after that was my reporting what had happened, telling my Chair and getting someone to handle my afternoon class/exam, and spending the long weekend terrified over what might happen while I was unable to contact certain government agencies. In the end, I seem(ed) to have been spared any permanent damage. If you're shaking your head in disbelief over my folly, well, I guess I deserve that. In these cases, I was twice bitten before becoming 'shy.' Hope this helps some of you. Feel free to DM me if you feel you might be in a vulnerable situation.
  16. Hello everyone! It's nice to meet all of you in this forum. My name is Myles, a newbie virtual professional and adminsitrative support specialist. I accept general tasks as well as medical related assistance as I am a registered nurse by profession. Thank you!
  17. Yes in my signature you'll find a $7 OFF coupon which you can use once.
  18. If you have not tried it out yet you can use the coupon code in my signature to get your first month for $7.
  19. Hi Twyla and welcome! I'm your neighbour in Maple Ridge, BC. Sounds like you have a ton of experience and will do well in a career as a VA. As for what to charge, read through this blog post to get you started. Also inside your free VA member lounge you'll find the pricing formula worksheet together with a video on pricing. You can also learn more about finding clients at my blog posts like this one. Any other questions, just ask
  20. Hi and welcome! Glad you have joined us and look forward to networking, sharing and learning with you here. Any questions, just ask
  21. I tried using weebly but i don't like the fact that I can't use the fonts i want
  22. Okay I will do that now. Do you ever have coupons or a discount for your Monthly Vainsiders subscription
  23. Good afternoon everyone, I am working on my business plan so that I may launch my Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeping business. I have over 20 years of experience in offices in various industries (medical, oil and gas, enforcement, etc.). I have completed Medical Office Assistant and Business Administration education. I have kept my skills up to date and relevant for an online presence. I have create web forms and web sites. I enjoy working with spreadsheets and databases. My writing skills are strong as well. Being new at this, I am not sure what to charge. Are there other Canadians here willing to share advice on billing their customers? I realize I will need to target companies that are well established to get the earnings I need to keep up with living expenses. Has anyone's business been affected by the current pandemic and are there strategies to deal with that? Once I start up and have a company name, how do I find customers? My asthma prevents me from working in traditional offices, and I prefer higher skilled work requests. I hope to move to BC within the next year. Thank you, Twyla Alberta, Canada
  24. Hi, I am new to the VA working world and having worked in different offices of reinsurance companies as EA, I bring a wealth of experience to my VA business. I am professional, reliable and great interpersonal skills and a team player. In my years of EA I have worked at management and board level in EA and PA secretarial roles so no stranger to the diversification of environment. I am looking forward to working in the virtual environment and with clients around the world and being a part of the VA members group.
  25. I am currently in the planning stages, building my website, including checking out other VA's sites to see how they are set up. I have been contacting previous employers and co-workers to get some recommendations from people I've worked with that know my skills. Finding out what I should ask my accountant and an attorney. Thankfully my aunt is an accountant so that should save me a bit of money on that one :). I've been looking at services to offer and even have a couple potential contractors for other services that I can use. The business name my husband and I thought up years ago when we thought of other possible business ventures that we did for a few friends but never pursued. I used to make photographic videos for friends and family, my son's football team set to music. It was fun and may consider adding that as a service at some point. I'm toying with the tagline/slogan of "Follow in our Trax" I'm also going through all of the services that I want to offer and that I need to learn more about to successfully provide those services. I still need to determine if I want to go with a specific industry or go more general. I have the most experience with Law Enforcement, but I'm not sure how I could incorporate that into my business. I may have to do some more research on it. I love working in the law enforcement field, there has been too many traumatic calls and stress that I'm ready for a change. However, I have also worked in the insurance industry and with other small businesses as well. I have pretty well nailed down the services that I want to offer, but I am still working on setting up my pricing. And a slew of other things that I need to do before I can virtually open my doors for business. But I want to do this right from the beginning. Other ventures I've tried, I jumped into without thought but the difference is, while I wanted to do those, I was young and dumb and thought I could do them but didn't put any thought or proper research into them and found they weren't for me. This is something I want very badly and I plan to make it happen.
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