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  1. General Forum Area (FREE Members)

    1. Exciting Virtual News, Announcements and Offers

      Here you will be able to keep up-to-date on current news, offers and announcements in the Virtual Assistant industry. If you would like to place an ad here please contact us

    2. General Discussions

      This is the forum where everything goes when you don't know which forum area to post it in. Please do your best however to find a relevant topic under "Everything Virtual Assistance" forum sections by scrolling further below since it makes it easier to search specific content via the topics for our members.

    3. Introduce Yourself and Your Virtual Business!

      New to the forum? Introduce yourself to other registered users and help us get to know you.

  2. Everything Virtual Assistance (FREE Members)

    1. Best Business Practices

      Here's where you can ask questions and learn about setting up processes/policies, contingency planning, and other best business practices for keeping your business safe and ready for anything life throws your way!

    2. Bookkeeping

      Stuck in Quickbooks and not sure where to go from here? Maybe a client has put you in a bookkeeping dilemma? This is the area to post all your bookkeeping concerns.

    3. Computer Tech Stuff

      An area to ask all your computer techinical questions from networking to the latest virus on the loose.

    4. Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

      Your questions regarding logos, brochures, business cards, image formats, PMS colors & more are answered here. From planning to creation to print, ask your questions so that others can help you solve the mysteries of desktop publishing, graphic design and everything related to using the Adobe Creative Suite programs.

    5. Internet Marketing

      Looking for online marketing answers? From how to get better rankings with the search engines to choosing the right keywords? Get answers to these questions and more right here.

    6. Marketing & Lead Generation

      Got a marketing question? Is faxing or direct mail a better marketing tool? Is it wise to send my kids door-to-door handing out flyers? Post your direct marketing tips, tricks and questions here.

    7. Video / Podcasting / Audio

      Hear all the latest surrounding video, podcasting marketing. Not sure what microphone to buy? Just have some general audio recording questions? Here's the area that you need to come to.

    8. Networking & Social Media

      Need help networking? Making connections can be tough, but building your network is the best way to create a referral based business! From tweeting on Twitter to networking at your next BNI, you'll be able to ask your questions on networking here.

    9. Outsourcing / Subcontracting / Multi VA Business

      Have you built your business by subcontracting for other virtual assistants? Have you always wondered how some people get clients so easy while you struggle, yet you are so good at what you do? Or, do you have specific outsourcing questions? Here is the place to ask questions and learn how to maximize your strengths. (NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO SUBCONTRACT, PLEASE POST AN RFP AT http://www.vanetworking.com/RFP/. DO NOT POST IN THIS AREA.)

    10. Office Equipment & Supplies

      What will your startup costs be? What types of equipment must you invest in? Also an area to ask for reviews, questions or share new office toys/equipment/supplies, etc. VAs may want answers on these before they invest into their business.

    11. Software & Programs - Microsoft / Other

      This is the area to post questions on software that we use now and then for our business including open source products.

    12. Starting Up / Part-Time VAs

      This is the place for VA business startup questions. If you are a part-time Virtual Assistant and have questions on how to juggle your act until you can go full-time, please ask here. Those that have been there and done it please share your experiences.

    13. Specialties / Niche

      Many VAs are now starting to niche their services towards specialty groups. Got a specialty? Let us know about it.

    14. Website Design Development

      Here's where you go to get answers to your questions in HTML coding and website development. Having trouble designing your website? What does CSS actually stand for? Get answers to these and many more questions here...or post a tip to help others.

    15. Wordpress / Blogging

      Do you have questions about blogs, RSS, what software to use, customization, using your blog to get clients? Do you just want to share your blog? This is the forum for you.

  3. Networking Forum (FREE Members)

    1. FREE Training Webinars & VAjot.com

      Find out about the exciting expert speakers that VAnetworking will be featuring in our webinar room on a regular basis for our members. Plus join us for our networking nights here at VAnetworking. View upcoming dates/times here: http:/www.vanetworking.com/seminars/

    2. VA Meetups & Conferences!

      Looking to get together with another Virtual Assistant? Want to host a VAmeet? Visiting another city and want to hook up for lunch with another VA? Look no further, signup here!

    3. Share Your Publicity Here: Press Releases & Media Attention

      This is the spot to brag about any publicity you have received lately in magazines, TV, radio, etc. Feel free to post your Press Releases here too.

    4. Trade, Joint Ventures, Barter, Sell or Just Giveaway!

      This is the area to trade items collecting in your garage, barter your products/services, promote joint venture opportunities or sell your soul if you like.

  4. VAinsiders Club - (PAID VAinsiders.com ONLY)

    1. VAinsider Private Brainstorming / Strategy / Questions Forum

      Private discussion area for our VAinsider.com members to engage and find support with other VAs. (All threads within the VAinsider Forum are invisible in the search engines unlike the "FREE Forum" area so feel at ease to discuss whatever you like here). Brainstorm how to deal with a difficult client or let us help you put together a marketing strategy you wish to implement. We are here as a group of like-minded VA business owners to help one another so ask for the help ;)

    2. Job Board - Requests For Proposals (RFPs) Submitted

      If you need a Virtual Assistant, please submit your RFP here and it will be posted to our VAinsider Track area.

      VAinsider Track Requests For Proposals (RFPs) Submitted Daily (Members Only

    3. Let's Get to Know Each Other > Introductions

      You may have already introduced yourself in the main forum area but let's reintroduce ourselves here stating our goals, visions, or whatever you'd like to share. that we see for our virtual business success.

    4. Group Coaching & "Get er Done" Accountability

      Be held accountable! Forum area to post your monthly goals and/or list your weekly "Get er done" projects.

    5. [REPLAYS] Group Coaching Calls

      Archives for our group coaching sessions and also for other training/challenge webinars we host. Watch the video replays here.

    6. Got Questions about The VAinsider Club UPGRADE? Ask it here...

      Our exclusive VAinsider Club Private Forum: Upgrade your free membership at our networking forum to become a VAinsider Club Member. When you become a VAinsider, you will have full access to a PRIVATE FORUM AREA where you can pick the brains of our Founder, Tawnya Sutherland in a private group coaching environment. Not to mention you'll have access to our active JOB BOARD and many other business resource perks!

  5. Virtual Assistant Career Start-up System (PAID VAC Members ONLY)

    1. The Virtual Assistant Career Startup System (VAC)

      The VAC MEMBER FORUM: When you invest in our Founder Tawnya Sutherland's VA Career Startup System, you will have full access to a PRIVATE FORUM area with 35 other forums to help you get your VA business up and running easily within 30 days. If you are already an owner of the VAC and cannot view this private forum, please contact us for an upgrade of your VAnetworking membership account to a "VAC Member".


      Download Tawnya's FREE Virtual Assistant Start Up Checklist plus Module 2 of The VAC to learn more about Tawnya's 30 Day VA Startup System by CLICKING HERE

    2. *READ FIRST: Check-in & Introduction

      Please check-in here first.

    3. VAC General Questions

      If you have any questions about your VAC that doesn't fit below under the specific days, please ask them here.

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    6. PHASE III: Marketing Kit

      Questions and feedback regarding Days 10-19

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  6. Helpful VA Resources & FAQs (FREE Members)

    1. Help me I'm lost!!! Frequently Asked Questions FAQs Forum

      This is the area to post all your questions on "HOW TO USE THE FORUM" so feel free to post any questions you have and someone will answer ASAP. Even if you are not a member, this Forum area has been set up to ask questions so non-members may post here.

    2. Training For Virtual Assistants / Funds & Grants

      This area will be used for information about funds, grants, and training resources available for Virtual Assistants just starting out or who want to further their knowledge in the business.

    3. Books, Supplies, Vendors & Other Useful VA Resources

      Read any good VA books lately and like to write us a review on it? Found a great website to share? Know a good resource for paper supplies? Think they would help other VA’s? Then by all means share it all here!

    4. Taxes and Other Legal Stuff

      Laws are the same for all of us but, did you know that in Canada each province has their own sales tax laws on service businesses? What are the tax laws in Australia? These types of things can be shared here on this forum.

    5. Forum Feedback & Suggestions

      Tell us your thoughts on our VAnetworking Forum. Suggest a new topic you would like to see on our forum. All suggestions, feedback, comments, ideas and etc. are welcomed.

  7. Coffee Break Time! (FREE Members)

    1. It's Punch Out Time!

      This is an area for general free-for-all chit chatting after office hours between members. For posts that just don't fit anywhere else. Bragging about family, pets, dreams or whatever tickles your fancy and makes you smile.

    2. Time For a Laugh! Relax and Smile Today!

      Every once in awhile it is good to smile. Here's your place to post your jokes and give us a grin.

    3. Motivational & Inspirational

      Share your story or words of wisdom to motivate and inspire others.

    4. Peeves and Pets

      This is the area of the forum to blow off a bit of steam or maybe you’d rather introduce us to your dog Rover and tell us how gratifying his loyalty is to you.

    5. Health and Wellness In Your Business

      An area to talk about health and wellness issues that may affect your business.

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