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  1. SEO On-page is a process that make your website become friendly to Search Engines. There are some important elements in SEO On-page as other member mentioned above. Many websites now are Wordpress-based. We can use plugin like SEO Yoast to optimize each post/article on your website.
  2. Just google what is my ip address. There are many online tools to help you check your IP address.
  3. You work alone or work with a team?
  4. I ordered the blogs submission on Fiverr, just $5 and it saved me a lot of time. However, when I received the results, the seller achieved the quantity, but quality was so so. My experience: you should contact with seller for detail information before purchasing.
  5. I am using Asana too. It is a good collaboration online platform. Kanbanflow is another recommendation to you.
  6. Online tools for project management that I really love are: Asana, Kanbanflow, Trello. I have never had any problems using those softwares. It visualized project by processes and it helps me manage projects easily.
  7. Based on the poll at 11:00 PM (April 24, 2015; GMT+7); 90% of virtual assistants use gmail. How about 10%? I think 5% use email with domain name provided by Google. Just kidding!
  8. Hi Virtual Assistant, I started my Virtual Assistant business for a year and this is my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Outsource2vietnam I forgot to take care of my Facebook page and now I would like to get back to it. Please like my page and I will like back your pages to mutual benefits. Thanks, ))
  9. Just check google search: online PDF to Word. There are a lot of results. But what is the best tool? I have tried each tool and I realized that there are small difference between those tools. With easy PDF files, all of them work well. With a-bit-harder PDF files, all results have similar error rate. This is just my own experience. Who had other experience, please feel free to share with me.
  10. Posting ads on Craigslist is necessary, but you don't need to focus too much on it. Very competitive, especially in Bookkeeping niche. 2-3 ads per week on Craigslist are enough. Craigslist- It's free, please don't ignore it, but don't focus too much on it. That's my opinion.
  11. Hello, Working in as a Virtual Assistant for more than 1 year, I am still wondering about the definition of "Virtual Assistant". What will be the best definition for it?
  12. Hello, I am seeking forums for startup businessman. Do you know those forums? Please help me. Thank you very much,
  13. How do you do with Social Media? I am not sure how to do with social media to get traffic to my website.
  14. My answer is YES. Sometimes, other Virtual Assistants in VAnetworking forum may become your clients. Let feel free to provide your contact. We are all Virtual Assistant and we are reliable.
  15. I think there is no offline software to convert PDF to DOC that is FREE. Just have some websites offer FREE convert PDF to DOC as other members mentioned above.