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  1. sherio

    making international payments

    Thank you, Julian!
  2. sherio

    making international payments

    Thank you, Mark. If you find another alternative, please let me know.
  3. sherio

    making international payments

    Thank you, Tawnya!
  4. sherio

    making international payments

    Hi Danielle, Thanks for the reply. I am using my client's PayPal account--my husband's.
  5. On behalf of a client, I frequently make payments to people outside of the US. This month I noticed that PayPal raised their rates dramatically. For some countries, the minimum is $2.99. Is there a less expensive way?
  6. sherio

    being open-minded

    I began my VA journey with a focus on database management. One day, I was on this board looking for inspiration, and followed the profile of another member. That led me to her website, which contained a number of interviews with business owners. One of those interviews was about the transcription business, which I was only dimly aware of. My initial reaction to doing transcription was negative, but slowly changed over the coming days. It became a challenge to become accepted by a company. Not long after, I achieved my goal and happily got into the swing of things. Some projects are more enjoyable than others, but I generally learn something. That's the best part. Moral: be open-minded and flexible. You never know where it may lead you. Sheri
  7. sherio

    QuickBooks data files

    I have been told by a bookkeeper that QuickBooks online does not backup your data files. Any truth to this assertion? Sheri
  8. sherio


    I am very familiar with this business and agree that proper packing can help. However, there will be occasional delivery issues with any carrier. Your client might want to select which carrier to use depending upon past service and cost. Sheri
  9. sherio

    headset recommendation

    Thank you, Tawnya, for the great suggestion! Wow, there are a LOT of choices there! Sheri
  10. sherio

    headset recommendation

    Thanks, Danielle! I have always had better performance from wired devices and try to stick to those. There was a wireless printer where I worked in the distant past that was very temperamental. No matter how sweetly you asked or how many times you pressed 'print' it refused to do a thing. Until, of course, sometime during the night. Sheri
  11. sherio

    headset recommendation

    Hi Mark, Thank you for the recommendation! You piqued my curiosity so I will also have to find out what a 'blue yeti microphone' is. Sheri
  12. I am interested in hearing current recommendations for headset / microphone combos. Anticipated needs include phone calls, listening to audios, and possibly recording/editing audios. Looking forward to your suggestions! Sheri
  13. Thanks, Tawnya! Sheri
  14. You may be asked to combine existing disparate sources of data into a single database, i.e., one CSV file and one Excel file. List hygiene is part of database management (no one likes dirty data). You can use Excel, but Access is much better suited to database management. I have just started using LibreOffice which is a free suite and includes a module similar in function to Access. Hope this helps. Sheri
  15. A potential client who is in the digital publishing business needs to pay royalties to authors every calendar quarter. Can PayPal be used to pay authors inside and outside of the United States without incurring fees for the authors? Will fees be assessed to the publisher for these payments? Suggestions for any other method of payment is encouraged and appreciated. Sheri

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