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  1. tadolist

    Professional insurance

    Hi Julian, Tawnya, Thank you very much for advice and link . I shall definitively join VA networking. Have a good day
  2. tadolist

    Business plan and market research

    Thank you again to you both Julian, Tawnya . I am discovering the whole world of forums, VA , self employed .... daunting but so exciting.
  3. tadolist

    Business plan and market research

    I thought i could not use FB groups for this kind of thing, but I sure will . Thank you Julian
  4. Hi all, I am writing my business plan and come to the topic "market research". I must admit that I am struggling with it. I heard that Survey Monkey is quite good for that, which I am happy to use, but who do you send the survey monkey to ? Appart from my friends and family ? Have you been through the same? If so how did you do your market research ? Many thanks
  5. tadolist

    Professional insurance

    Hi Sheena, Thank you so much for your advice and insurance tip, I highly appreciate. May I also ask you who you used regarding your T&C, contract (Agreement), Policy etc...as I find few online that i downloaded for free and also got the one from the Technie Mentor (but she is based in USA) As you have been VA for a while now, how does it feels for you, are you happy in your work? What would be your best advice to follow and Not to follow! I am really excited to start and finally have my own buisness (even though I do not have clients yet) Thank for your kindness and have a lovely day
  6. Hi everyone I am at the pre start up of my VA Business in the UK and looking into professional insurance. After reading a lot on forums and websites only one keeps poping up : Policy Bee which offers professional indemnity, public liability (working from home do I really need one ?) and legal expenses insurances. Can you please let me know if it is something that we Have to take ? Any advice are welcome Many thanks

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