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    I am currently in the planning stages, building my website, including checking out other VA's sites to see how they are set up. I have been contacting previous employers and co-workers to get some recommendations from people I've worked with that know my skills. Finding out what I should ask my accountant and an attorney. Thankfully my aunt is an accountant so that should save me a bit of money on that one :). I've been looking at services to offer and even have a couple potential contractors for other services that I can use. The business name my husband and I thought up years ago when we thought of other possible business ventures that we did for a few friends but never pursued. I used to make photographic videos for friends and family, my son's football team set to music. It was fun and may consider adding that as a service at some point. I'm toying with the tagline/slogan of "Follow in our Trax" I'm also going through all of the services that I want to offer and that I need to learn more about to successfully provide those services. I still need to determine if I want to go with a specific industry or go more general. I have the most experience with Law Enforcement, but I'm not sure how I could incorporate that into my business. I may have to do some more research on it. I love working in the law enforcement field, there has been too many traumatic calls and stress that I'm ready for a change. However, I have also worked in the insurance industry and with other small businesses as well. I have pretty well nailed down the services that I want to offer, but I am still working on setting up my pricing. And a slew of other things that I need to do before I can virtually open my doors for business. But I want to do this right from the beginning. Other ventures I've tried, I jumped into without thought but the difference is, while I wanted to do those, I was young and dumb and thought I could do them but didn't put any thought or proper research into them and found they weren't for me. This is something I want very badly and I plan to make it happen.
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    Here's my before and after. Only took me like 15 minutes to tidy up. I find when it gets to this point it overwhelms me and just taking a few minutes to clean up at the end of each day can lead to good productivity for me the next.
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    You can always clean your office when you return. I need to clean my office badly. That is just one of my task for the month of March. If I was not recovering from the flu today, I would have more energy to clean my office. Might have to wait until later in the week.
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    Finding new clients: Ask for referrals and not just wait for them. Partner with agencies to bring new clients Browse job boards Follow up with your network Run an ad campaign Start blogging
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