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  1. I've never used that theme either. I installed it on a test site of mine and changed the background color in the CSS and that worked. How comfortable are you with CSS? Here's the tutorial on changing that http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_background-color.asp. Keep a copy of your original css file so you can revert back in case you don't like your changes.
  2. No, don't roll your site back. That's not the problem. Just keep an eye out for changes to your files. Make sure you also have backups of your customized theme as well as an XML export of all your pages, posts, and comments. To create that, go to the dashboard, Tools, and Export. Changing passwords may be a good idea, too.
  3. And here's the code you use on the Web page [audio:http://www.yoururl.com/audio/title.mp3]
  4. Going on memory here, but I've gotten around this by changing a file in the Wordpress files. I just Googled the issue and saw this post that sounds like what I did http://wordpress.org/support/topic/fatal-error-out-of-memory-6. The memory limit is created by the host. I'd move to a different host, if it were me. I don't like restrictions Here's the search parameters that I used 'wordpress Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 29097984)'
  5. Hi Cathy, watch your files. Are you using File Manager plugin? Do a check to make sure nothing got in. It seems like the plugin did it's job and blocked the attack, but just make sure.
  6. Thanks for updating this, Amanda. Security is first! I like File Monitor http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-file-monitor which sends me an email whenever a file has been modified. Note: create a dedicated email for this because if you do get hacked, the hackers will have this email. You don't want them getting your personal email address. Akismet's free version is not for business use. It's only $5/mo for a single site though. I end up using Bad Behavior on client's sites just because it's free. It works just fine. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bad-behavior I've also been using Login Lockdown http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/login-lockdown which blocks an IP address after x amount of failed login attemps. Kind of sux if you are the type who always forgets your password, lol. But it stops bots from too many guesses.
  7. Hi Janine, your child pages are scary, lol. You are right in wanting them changed. I don't like how the page I am on disappears from the navigation. It makes me feel lost. Whether that can be fixed or not depends on the design of the theme. I'd do a drop down menu rather than have the links right in the page. Having too many choices can confuse people. When you click on why-avs, the page is why-ava. Not sure if that's how it's supposed to be or if that's a typo. The following are personal preferences, but I thought I'd suggest them: I wouldn't leave your email address on the contact page. You have the form so you don't need it, and having it there invites abuse by spammers. I think I'd put the form under the text on the page also. Most people won't know the text is there until they scroll down and they may miss it altogether. You want it to be easy for people to contact you, right? I'd change about-owner to about-janine or something more descriptive. Something I add to all sites that I customize is Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages. I really like Amanda's suggestions too.
  8. I use SocialOomph too. Well - I don't auto DM but when I did (for about 5 minutes), I used that, lol. I like SocialOomph for the alerts so she can get 2-in-1 by using it.
  9. a little later, lol... I haven't used Platinum either. I use All-in-One SEO.
  10. Hi Carol. I'm not understanding. Why are you registering on sites that are using Wordpress (I'm assuming that means built on Wordpress)? What are you trying to get into?
  11. This was my first thoughts also. I feel like you are screaming at me when I think what you need is a more friendly page.
  12. What do you mean by mobile? To make the site seen on mobile phones?
  13. Hi Danielle, what is it you are looking for your plugin to do? Like, do you just want them to stream your Twitter and Facebook feed or do you want them to do something else? Or are you talking about the ones that create the share icons at the bottom of your posts?
  14. I'd have to see the theme to know exactly where to remove it, and if you can. I'd say yes off the top of my head. Check your search.php file and you should find the code there. Make an original copy of the theme before you start messing in the files.
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