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  1. It was great to have lunch with Cyndi, Donna (dcaissie), Stephanie, (Sweet Designs), Wendy (Hopeful) and all the other VAs that live in New England. See you all at the next luncheon, or the beach - if I can get anyone there.
  2. For anyone reading this thread in the future, us New Englanders have banded. You can find us at NEVA. We meet quarterly for lunch and monthly over the phone. It's really cool getting to know people in real life that you only know virtually.
  3. May Teleseminars: Topic: Success Strategies for Building your Online Presence with a Word Press Blog Site Presenter: WordPress Extraordinaire, Crystal Pina Description: Crystal Pina will join us to discuss the powerful business-building benefits for using a BlogSite for your business. She will also review some of the new WP blogsite templates, features and key plugins to further enhance your online presence. In the last part of our call, she will be reviewing some of our members' blog sites and offering valuable suggestions on how to make the blogs that much more compelling and
  4. Um, Levi! Where is your site? I went to look at it and it says Fatal Error. Yikes.
  5. Patty, you notice freaking everything! I didn't even notice it until you said something, lol. There was a lot of information the reporter gave me that wasn't in this segment. That professor did a report on the Vista Print website. It's loaded with spyware and it's not secure so your credit card info can be stolen or phished using their online checkout. There was a memo from the CEO of the company written 2 years ago saying that he was concerned that the way they are signing people up for their affiliate programs, it might be deceptive. Their main source of revenue is their affiliate prog
  6. Here is my interview on Boston Channel 5 that I told you guys about. http://www.thebostonchannel.com/video/19073272/index.html My business never got mentioned. I guess that's ok considering the subject.
  7. I have you pencilled in for Friday the 17th. What time zone were you referring to when you said 12:30?
  8. Hi Deepa, you don't have to register for the eSeminars. You just show up on Wednesday evenings, 6 pm Eastern time at http://www.vanetworking.com/seminars. Use your name in the user name field and leave the password blank. You will have to load a plugin the first time you come into the room, so come a few minutes early to do that and to test your speakers. Also, if you have a microphone please have it already plugged in before you enter the room or the room won't recognize it later. We have our networking chats immediately following the seminars. These seminars are fre
  9. Brent, you're striking out. I can't ever make it on a Monday during the day. Just about any other day is fine.
  10. Yes, but it's their system. Tawnya didn't make it up. They allow one vote per day per person, so if the contest goes for 30 days that's 30 votes per person. You have every right to vote as much or as little as you want. Tawnya's not asking anyone to sneak in votes or do anything else unethical. She didn't make the rules. And there's no where that says one vote per person. When you have a contest, then you get to make the rules.
  11. You're in luck. We had technical difficulties and the seminar was postponed.
  12. These chats have been moved again. The Thursday night chats turned out to be hit-or-miss with people. Some have suggested that we have them on Wednesdays directly after the seminars. So we are going to try that and see if more people can come. New chat time: Wednesday 7-8pm eastern time.
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