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  1. ----------> Gift Cards to customers <----------- Anyone knows of a site where I can buy online gift cards for shops all across Canada? I'd like to gift my clients in BC, I'd like an online cards instead of using snail mail. So please if you know of any sites, let me know!! <3
  2. Tawnya? Just bumping this, in case you haven't seen my question above.
  3. Tawnya, you used to have a page about insurance, I got the link in an old post somewhere on the forum. http://www.vanetworking.com/protection-plan/ That page is empty now, do you have another link for us? Legal shield doesn't seem to have liability coverage, well certainly not for Quebec at least. So I am still looking for such insurance offered here in Quebec. I don't want to pay 1500$ per year understandably.... perhaps when I earn 100k per year Thank you,
  4. Naaah, I manually change the %2b -__- -___- At least... we have a solution!!!! until a fix...
  5. Hi Janine, Yes exactly what I do as well, This way the client can't tell you "I thought it was included in your services". Defining what is included in a package, in a contract, is very important Then stating the rest is extra cost, at least allows you to charge extra. I always discuss with the client first when something falls into the 'extras', this way they don't even have a surprise One has to be the less 'blurry' possible.
  6. You should definitively offer a "any other hours would be customizable if needed" option. As you go, check what potential clients ask for, if you see that 20 hrs is often requested, or 30, go on and create a new package
  7. I use Freshbooks for tracking my time, tracking my projects (internal, external), for invoicing my clients, for checking timesheets, for getting paid online, etc... I like it very much. Although Freshbooks advertise themselves as a "bookkeeping" apps, it does nothing good for bookkeeping in my opinion (not judging anyone here , but is really good for time tracking. They have a tracker to actually countdown time, you can pull many type of reports, it exports to excel, and for a certain cost, you can pay for an app to integrate FB with QBO and Xero (so invoices are added to QBO). I had a look at other apps, but FB was my choice.
  8. Hi everybody, I have developped a small expertise in doing the bookkeeping/reporting for Canadian Real Estate Brokers, Realtor and Agents. (FR: agence immobilière, courtier immobilier, agent immobilier) I use Quickbooks Online for my expertise, and it can possibly be extended to Xero as well. It allows Brokers to get (with a few click of the mouse) detailed reports on: Income per properties Expenses per properties Profit per properties Intrust / in trust reports per properties These details are very important for Realtor, Real Estate Broker's managers and having the ability to get these with only few clicks of the mouse is a huge time saving!! No need to wait for excel sheets being updated, all this is available within the bookkeeping software after I have set up the system accordingly. I believe I can help Brokers and Agents move their company to the next level of success! Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free 15 min consultation. Best regards, Nadine LeBrun | Onyxia Bookkeeping Bookkeeper and Accountant Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor | Xero Certified Advisor | Certified QuickBooks Online Payroll
  9. Thank you so much Mark for looking deeper into this issue, I really appreciate the time you put into this!
  10. Hey Sorry for my late replies... I use Firefox 49.0.x All cache were deleted, booted many times, and still does not work. I will do what Mark says with the url but............................ Now it's worste: I cannot edit my profile anymore!!! it gives me the same error when I click on the link "My profile". I am really stuck. I don't like Chrome, so sorry this is not an option for me. I'm trying to put an image here and the forum won't let me, why is that? I want to show you guys where I mean I'm clicking but I can't (I've reported the "+" url issue to Firefox, for what it is worth..)
  11. Can anyone else try? Tawnya, do you have another test account (not admin) you can log in and try clicking profile links? Updates: any profile that does not have a space, the profile page opens. Names that have space like mine, give me a page error. Tawnya's profile opens.... it's twilight zone... I did ask for a display name change last week, maybe the space which adds a "+" in the url messes up things. Nadine LeBrun | Onyxia Bookkeeping Bookkeeper and Accountant Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor | Xero Certified Advisor | Certified QuickBooks Online Payroll
  12. Hi guys, Today I've been trying to click other's name on the forum, to see their profile (so clicking their names) and I get an error. Ex: I clicked this name (http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/user/445-susanne+c/) And I get this : The page isn’t redirecting properly I tried attaching an image, it didn't work.
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